Grammar Quiz

Noun Quantifiers Quiz


We should buy……………..tomatoes for this recipe.

A. some

B. a

C. a little

D. any

A : How _____ eggs do you need for the cake?

B : I only need ________.

A. much/ some

B. any/ some

C. much/ any

D. many/ some

Choose the appropriate word to fill the sentence below:

I have too many ___________ milk.

A. a lot of

B. cartons of

C. boxes of

D. some of

How ____ sweets would you like? How ____ is 1kgs cost?

A. much / many

B. many / many

C. many / much

D. much / much

Alea ate ________________ rice, she wasn’t very hungry.

A. most

B. a little

C. any

D. few

They have had ________________ homework in Mathematics recently.

A. much

B. lots of

C. a lot

D. any

There are too ____ passengers for the train. ____ have to sit on the roof.

A. much / a few

B. many / any

C. a lot of / a little

D. many / some

We don´t have _____ bread.

A. any

B. some

C. no

D. not any

Just add a _________ of salt. But not too ______.

A. cups / many

B. bowl / a lot

C. pinch / much

D. grain / some

Don’t take all the strawberries. Just have ________________.

A. many

B. much

C. a few

D. a little

Have you visited ________________ foreign countries?

A. most

B. many

C. any

D. a lot

Which sentence grammatically incorrect?

A. There isn’t some milk in this glass.

B. Is there any food in the fridge?

C. There are some onions in the soup.

D. We don’t have any homework tonight.

I spend ________________ of my time reading novels.

A. a lot

B. most

C. a little

D. many

I stayed in Tokyo for ______ weeks.

A. a few

B. much

C. a little

D. most

Do we have ____fruit in the fridge?

We don’t have ____, but we have 2 pineapples.

A. much / little

B. any / a lot

C. any / some

D. some / any


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