Grammar Quiz

Nouns and Quantifiers Quiz


I don’t have _________ time left. I need to leave for the airport soon.

A. much

B. many

Who do you turn to for ______ when you have a problem?

A. advices

B. advice

This job requires previous work __________

A. experiences

B. experience

There is/are not enough natural ______ coming into the room.

A. light

B. lights

There were only _______ people at Jim’s party last night, but we had a great time.

A. few

B. a few

There has been very _______ rain lately.

A. little

B. few

I’m looking for some ______________ on endangered species for a project I have to do.

A. information

B. informations

A: Did you like the movie?

B: Yes, I liked it ________

A. lots

B. a lot

Your new furniture _______ really stylish.

A. is

B. are

People say that no news ______ good news

A. is

B. are

How ________- luggage am I allowed to carry on the plane?

A. much

B. many

I have _________ money left, so I have to go to the bank and get some.

A. hardly little

B. a little


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