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Nouns as Adjectives Quiz


In the sentence: I think peanut candy is the best. The word peanut is a:

A. noun

B. sentence

C. adjective

D. pronoun

which possesive is correct

A. The women hair are white

B. the women´ hair are white

C. the womens´ hair are white

D. the women´s hair are white

(he) ___ favorite hobby is tennis.

A. his

B. her

C. its

D. my

here’s (you) ____ keys

A. my

B. their

C. our

D. your

The teacher looked at all the _________ work and chose the best artist

A. student’s

B. students’

where is (I) ___ book?

A. your

B. their

C. my

D. his

The possessive adjective used with the pronoun “I” is:

A. your

B. mine

C. our

D. my

All the _______ uniforms got dirty at that game.

A. boyes

B. boy’s

C. bo’ys

(they) ___ father works in a car factory

A. your

B. my

C. their

D. our

Select the sentences that use a possessive relation.

A. James´ house is confortable

B. James´s house is confortable

C. Jame´ house is confortable

D. James house is confortable

if you want to used the noun “computers” in plural as an adjective, The correct sentence will be:

A. It´s a computers´s factoryr

B. It´s a computer factory

C. It´s a computers´ factory

D. It´s a computers´s´ factory

Our _________ birthdays are the same day.

A. mothers

B. mother’s

C. mothers’

D. moth’ers

She goes to school with (she) ___ brother

A. her

B. your

C. his

D. their

In the Sentence: The book is about chemestry. The noun that is used as adjective could be:

A. chemestry

B. book

C. about

D. is

a good example of a noun used as adjetive is:

A. my teacher has a book

B. The book is my teacher

C. That´s my English book

D. The book of English

Where have I seen that _______ face before?

A. girl’s

B. gir’ls


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