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Offering Help Quiz


A: Sir, I think I’m lost
B: ….

A. Can I help you to get another?

B. May I help you? I have a dog too.

C. Can I help you? I know this place.

D. Let me help you carrying your bag.

A: Ah, these books are so heavy.
B: …

A. Let me help you throwing them away.

B. Let me check it first.

C. Let me help you shorting them.

D. Let me help you carrying them.

Natasha: I want to go to shopping but I don’t have any vehicle.
Wanda: …..

A. Shall I take you to the market by my car?

B. Shall I take you to the groceries by my car?

C. What can I do for you?

D. I will take you to the airport by my car.

A: Oh my God, I left my book at home.
B: ….

A. Can I borrow you another book?

B. Shall I take it for you?

C. Just forget it.

D. Let me take you to the school.

Excuse me, Are you looking for something, sir?

A. Sure. The books are too heavy for me.

B. I have lost my watch. I think I put it on my desk

C. Yes, I am new here.

D. Let me repair it.

Doni: Could you help me please?

A. Sorry?

B. I don’t know

C. Yes, sure.

D. Good bye

A: This question is so difficult to answer.
B: ….

A. Just don’t answer it.

B. Would you like a cup of coffee?

C. Let’s stop studying.

D. Let me help you working on it.

A: May I help you?
B: Hmmm, Don’t bother yourself, thanks

The underlined sentence express….

A. asking help

B. offering help

C. accepting an offer

D. refusing an offer

Jane: I don’t understand English at all.
Ane: ….

A. How about studying together with me?

B. How about going to library?

C. How about going to the beach

D. How about having dinner with the teacher?

Complete the dialogue with appropriate respond!

A: You look so pale.
B: I’ve got a serious headache.
A: …

A. Let me take you to the hospital.

B. Let me take you to the restaurant.

C. What about a glass of avocado juice?

D. Would you like fried or steamed chicken?


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