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Offering Help Quiz


A: Ah, these books are so heavy.
B: …

A. Let me help you throwing them away.

B. Let me check it first.

C. Let me help you shorting them.

D. Let me help you carrying them.

Jane: I don’t understand English at all.
Ane: ….

A. How about studying together with me?

B. How about going to library?

C. How about going to the beach

D. How about having dinner with the teacher?

A: This question is so difficult to answer.
B: ….

A. Just don’t answer it.

B. Would you like a cup of coffee?

C. Let’s stop studying.

D. Let me help you working on it.

A: Sir, I think I’m lost
B: ….

A. Can I help you to get another?

B. May I help you? I have a dog too.

C. Can I help you? I know this place.

D. Let me help you carrying your bag.

Excuse me, Are you looking for something, sir?

A. Sure. The books are too heavy for me.

B. I have lost my watch. I think I put it on my desk

C. Yes, I am new here.

D. Let me repair it.

Doni: Could you help me please?

A. Sorry?

B. I don’t know

C. Yes, sure.

D. Good bye

A: May I help you?
B: Hmmm, Don’t bother yourself, thanks

The underlined sentence express….

A. asking help

B. offering help

C. accepting an offer

D. refusing an offer

A: Oh my God, I left my book at home.
B: ….

A. Can I borrow you another book?

B. Shall I take it for you?

C. Just forget it.

D. Let me take you to the school.

Complete the dialogue with appropriate respond!

A: You look so pale.
B: I’ve got a serious headache.
A: …

A. Let me take you to the hospital.

B. Let me take you to the restaurant.

C. What about a glass of avocado juice?

D. Would you like fried or steamed chicken?

Natasha: I want to go to shopping but I don’t have any vehicle.
Wanda: …..

A. Shall I take you to the market by my car?

B. Shall I take you to the groceries by my car?

C. What can I do for you?

D. I will take you to the airport by my car.


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