Grammar Quiz

Participle Adjectives Quiz


Does the exam start at 11.00 or 12.00? I’m __________.

A. confused

B. confusing

If you want a successful business, it’s important to have __________ customers.

A. satisfied

B. satisfying

After a very __________ week studying at college, it is good to relax at the weekend.

A. tired

B. tiring

I think snakes are __________. I’m really scared of them.

A. frightened

B. frightening

I’m really __________ about my exam. I don’t think I’ve studied enough.

A. worried

B. worrying

I really like action films. I think they are very __________.

A. excited

B. exciting

Cold, grey weather always makes me feel __________.

A. depressed

B. depressing

My brother was very __________ that he only got a D in his exam.

A. disappointed

B. disappointing

My little brother are always very __________ because they make too much noise!

A. annoyed

B. annoying

Zainab spent a very … afternoon at the spa yesterday.

A. relaxed

B. relaxing

I hate being late for meetings because it’s __________ when everyone looks at me.

A. embarrassed

B. embarrassing

Did you hear the __________ news? There was a bad road accident outside the college.

A. shocked

B. shocking

After the long drive from Al Ain to Muscat, the family were all __________.

A. tired

B. tiring

My little sister was __________ after watching the horror film. She couldn’t sleep!

A. terrified

B. terrifying

I love watching detective movies. I find them really __________.

A. fascinated

B. fascinating

My sister got 83% on her mid-term exam. She was quite __________ with that result.

A. satisfied

B. satisfying

My brother’s test result was very __________. He only got a D.

A. disappointed

B. disappointing

I am really __________ by detective movies. I love watching them.

A. fascinated

B. fascinating

The visitor was __________ when he saw the Burj Khalifa for the first time.

A. amazed

B. amazing

Abdula thought that film was __________. He really didn’t like it.

A. bored

B. boring


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