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Find the adjective:  The baby slowly walked over to his fuzzy blanket.

A. baby

B. slowly

C. fuzzy

D. blanket

Find the plural noun: The farmer had 150 sheep in the green meadow.

A. farmer

B. sheep

C. green 

D. meadow

Modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb
A. Adjective
B. Adverb
C. Conjunction
D. Verb

What is the adjective in this sentence?

My school is working hard to prepare us for testing day.

A. school

B. working

C. hard

D. testing

Find the adverb: Push the button now!

A. Push

B. the

C. button

D. now

Find the adjective: The sweater I want to wear is dirty.

A. sweater

B. wear

C. want

D. dirty

Find the adverb:  He ran the fastest in the whole race.

A. He

B. ran

C. fastest

D. whole

Find the verb:  We are the first class 

A. We

B. are

C. first

D. class

Indicates emotion and does not fit into the grammar of the sentence
A. Interjection
B. Preposition
C. Conjunction
D. Adverb

What is the conjuction in this sentence?

We went to bed early because we were so tired.

A. went

B. because

C. were

D. so

What is the pronoun in this sentence?

My teacher read us a story about children from long ago.

A. teacher

B. us

C. children

D. from

Find the abstract noun: We won the contest for collecting the most cans.

A. cans

B. contest

C. won

D. collecting

Find the pronoun: Margot waited all day for him to finish my chores.
A. Margot
B. waited
C. him
D. chores

Find the verb:  She is the best swimmer in the whole school.

A. is

B. best

C. swimmer

D. school

Find the past tense verb: He rose when the judge walked into the room.

A. walk

B. rose

C. room

D. judge

Joins two words, phrases, or clauses
A. Preposition
B. Interjection
C. Pronoun
D. Conjunction

What is the article in the sentence?

What is the cause of using her umbrella?

A. is

B. what

C. the

D. her

Find the noun:  Every time it rains, I carry my umbrella.
A. every
B. rains
C. my 
D. umbrella

Replaces a noun
A. Adjective
B. Noun
C. Pronoun
D. Preposition

Indicates a temporal or spatial relationship to a noun or pronoun
A. Adjective
B. Adverb
C. Conjunction
D. Preposition

What is the adverb in this sentence?

Sally read that book quickly so she checked out another one.

A. another

B. read

C. quickly

D. so

An action or state of being
A. Noun
B. Adjective
C. Verb
D. Adverb

Find the past tense verb: Marcus walked to school every day but now he takes the bus.

A. Marcus

B. walked

C. day

D. takes

Find the proper noun: The groups of kids were waiting patiently to see the Taylor Swift concert.

A. kids

B. waiting

C. patiently

D. Taylor Swift

Find the adverb: Mom and dad love to walk in the park late at night. 

A. mom

B. dad

C. walk

D. late


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