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Passive and Active Voice Quiz


Choose the example of Future Perfect tense (Passive Voice) …

A. The carpet was being found by them

B. The dress will have been washed by her

C. The jacket had been being tooken by him

D. The cable would cut by me

Mr. Albert … a teacher since 2018.

A. Have

B. Has

C. Have been

D. Has been

What is the formula of Past Perfect tense (Passive Voice) ..

A. O+Had+Been+V3+By+S

B. O+Would/Should+Be+V3+By+S

C. O+Had+Been+Being+V3+By+S

D. O+Was/Were+V3+By+S

… your family … groceries at ABC Supermarket?

A. do, buys

B. does, buys

C. do, buy

D. does, buy

Choose the form of Future Perfect Continuous Tense..

A. Subject + “WILL HAVE BEEN” + Verb-ing

B. Subject + “SHOULD/WOULD BE” + Verb-ing

C. Subject + HAD + Verb III

D. Subject + WAS/WERE + GOING TO + Verb

A: Why are you so hurry?
B: I have arrive there on time because I . . . by my fiends there.

A. Waited

B. To be waited

C. Am waiting

D. Am waited

“Has Fairuz told the true story?”.
The passive voice of that sentence is…

A. Fairuz has been told by the true story

B. Fairuz has told been by the true story

C. the true story has been told by Fairuz

D. the true story have been told by Faiuz

George doesn’t want to clean the room. He doesn’t want to . . .

A. Ordered

B. Be Ordered

C. Order

D. Ordering

What is the formula of Future Perfect Continous (Passive Voice) …

A. O+tobe(Will/Shall)

B. O+Have/Has+V3+By+S

C. O+Would/Should+be+being+v3+by+S


What is the formula of Present Perfect tense ..

A. S+Have/Has+V1+O

B. S+Will/Shall+be+V1+O

C. S+Have/Has+V1+O

D. S+Had+V3+O

It is still … in the bus station.

A. Rain

B. Rains

C. Raining

D. Rained

Vernon … in the car when I came.

A. was sleep

B. was sleeping

C. is sleeping

D. is sleep

Sisca … not been … letter since years ago.

A. have, wrote

B. has, wrote

C. have, writing

D. has, writing

Do you know that the new rules about smoking . . . by government for the time being.

A. Are discussing

B. Are discussed

C. Is being discussed

D. It is discussed

‘’They would drink water”
Change into Past Future tense (Passive Voice) …

A. The water has been drinking by them

B. The water have been drunk by them

C. The water were drinking by them

D. The water would be drunk by them


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