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Passive and Active Voice Quiz


I brush my teeth every day. My teeth ……… every day.

A. is brushed

B. are brushed

C. were brushed

D. has been brushed

FELL is V3 of FALL



I will never forget this experience

A. This experience is not forgotten by me

B. This experience would never be forgotten by me

C. This experience will never be forgotten by me

Mr. Albert … a teacher since 2018.

A. Have

B. Has

C. Have been

D. Has been

Vernon … in the car when I came.

A. was sleep

B. was sleeping

C. is sleeping

D. is sleep

English …………………….. in many countries around the world.

A. are speaking

B. is speaking

C. are spoken

D. is spoken

Use passive or active.

The police just _____(1)_______ (announce) that the Portnoy’s Bank _____(2)_______ (rob) yesterday

A. (1) announced
(2) was robbed

B. (1) was announced
(2) robbed

C. (1) was announced
(2) was robbed

D. (1) announced
(2) robbed

Mother made a cake yesterday

A. A cake made by mother yesterday

B. A cake is made by mother yesterday

C. A cake was made by mother yesterday

“Has Fairuz told the true story?”.
The passive voice of that sentence is…

A. Fairuz has been told by the true story

B. Fairuz has told been by the true story

C. the true story has been told by Fairuz

D. the true story have been told by Faiuz

They built this temple 3,000 years ago. This must ________ a great civilization.

a. have been

b. was

c. not have been

d. has been

The police arrested the thieves

A. Active

B. Passive

The performance was enjoyed by the parents.

A. Active

B. Passive

The tiger was chasing the deer

A. The deer was chased by the tiger.

B. The deer was being chased by the tiger.

C. The deer had chased by the tiger.

how can you change “nobody touches these tigers ” into Passive Sentence?

A. these tigers aren’t touched

B. these tigers are touched

C. these tigers aren’t being touched

D. these tiger is touched

Sisca … not been … letter since years ago.

A. have, wrote

B. has, wrote

C. have, writing

D. has, writing

‘’They would drink water”
Change into Past Future tense (Passive Voice) …

A. The water has been drinking by them

B. The water have been drunk by them

C. The water were drinking by them

D. The water would be drunk by them

… your family … groceries at ABC Supermarket?

A. do, buys

B. does, buys

C. do, buy

D. does, buy

I think my project ______________ for her presentation.

A. will be showing

B. will be showed

C. would being showed

D. would be showing

George doesn’t want to clean the room. He doesn’t want to . . .

A. Ordered

B. Be Ordered

C. Order

D. Ordering

Change into passive: “You must fasten the seat belt.”

a. The seat belt needs fasting by you .

b. The seat belt must be fasten (by you).

b. The seat belt must fasten (by you).

d. The seat belt must have fasten by you.

My sister …. out to the cinema by David

a) has taken

b) was taken

c) is taken

d) is going

Use passive or active.

An hour later, a car _________(1)_________ (arrive) and the Mayor ______(2)____________ (take) to his next appointment.

A. (1) arrived
(2) was taken

B. (1) was arrived
(2) took

C. (1) arrived
(2) took

D. (1) was arrived
(2) was taken

The police have caught the thief

A. The thief has been caught by the police

B. The thief was caught by the police.

C. The thief had been caught by the police.

I ______________ her for 2 years.

A. knew

B. was knowing

C. am known

D. have known

What is the formula of Past Perfect tense (Passive Voice) ..

A. O+Had+Been+V3+By+S

B. O+Would/Should+Be+V3+By+S

C. O+Had+Been+Being+V3+By+S

D. O+Was/Were+V3+By+S


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