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Passive Modals Quiz


Success ____ be achieved if you work very hard and never give up.

A. might

B. will

C. should

D. must

Your daughter has a good voice. Her interest in singing —- (encourage).

A. must encourage

B. must be encouraged

C. encourage

D. must be encourage

Maybe Darren didn’t know about the meeting.

The meeting ________________ ahead

A. should be scheduled

B. will be scheduled

C. Mustn’t know.

The ____________ is a cold-blooded vertebrate that lays eggs.

A. bird

B. reptile

C. mammal

D. amphibian

This box ___ be handled with care because the clothes in it might get wrinkled.

A. will

B. can

C. should

D. might

According to our teacher, all of our compositions —- (write) in ink. He won’t accept papers written in pencil.

A. must be written

B. must written

C. must write

D. write

A package __________ carefully before it is mailed.

A. has to be wrapped

B. has to wrap

C. had to be wrapped

D. had to wrap

He is wearing a gold ring on his fourth finger. He —- (marry).

A. must have been married

B. must marry

C. must married

D. must be married

The entire valley —- (see) from their mountain home.

A. sees

B. can be seen

C. can see

D. can seen

The ____________ is a symbol of strength and freedom.

A. eagle

B. lion

C. bear

D. monkey

Try to speak slowly when you give your speech, If you don’t, some of your words —- (misunderstand).

A. may be understood

B. may misunderstood

C. misunderstand

D. may be misunderstood

The ____________ is a warm-blooded vertebrate that produces milk to feed its young.

A. bird

B. reptile

C. mammal

D. fish

Some ____________ are able to survive in both water and on land.

A. reptiles

B. birds

C. mammals

D. amphibians

The e-mail must ________ immediately.

A. be send

B. be sold

C. be sent

D. be taken

What? You tripped over a chair at the party and dropped your plate of food into a woman’s lap? You —- (embarrass)!

A. must have been embarrassed

B. must been embarrassed

C. must have embarrased

D. have embarrassed

Five of the committee members will be unable to attend the next meeting. In my opinion, we should —- (postpone) it.

A. must be postponed

B. must postpone

C. must postponed

D. postpone

People  —- (not explain) some UFO sightings easily. No one is able to explain them easily.

A. cannot be explained

B. cannot explain

C. cannot been explained

D. cannot explained

A child —- (not give) everything he or she wants.

A. shouldn’t be given

B. should been given

C. should give

D. shouldn’t give

I found this book on my desk when I came to class. It — (leave) by one of the students in the earlier class.

A. must have left

B. must be left

C. must have been left

D. must have be left


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