Grammar Quiz

Passive to Active Quiz


The wind blew out the candle.

A. Passive

B. Active

Somebody cleans the office every day.

A. The office is cleaned every day.

B. The office are cleaned every day.

C. Everyday the office was cleaned.

They were interviewing her for the job.
She ________________ for the job.

A. was being interviewed

B. was interviewed

C. has been interviewed

The employees brought up this issue during the meeting.
This issue ________________ by the employees during the meeting.

A. has been brought up

B. is brought up

C. was brought up

The dog bit the girl. 

A. Active

B. Passive

People speak English all over the world.

A. English is spoken by people.

B. English was spoken by people.

C. English was spoken all over the world.

D. English is spoken all over the world.

Tom is writing the letter.
The letter ________________ by Tom.

A. was written

B. is being written

C. has been written


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