Grammar Quiz

Passive Voice and Modals Quiz


The jar ________________________ with juice.

A. were filled

B. is fill

C. is filled

D. is filling

Salvador Dali was born in __________.

A. spain

B. france

C. France

D. Spain

Miles _________________________ here by now. The exam is about to start.

A. should to be

B. should being

C. should been

D. should be

An essay about global warming ____________________ by him yesterday night.

A. is written

B. are written

C. had written

D. was written

Marie Curie developed portable _______________ which were named _______________.

A. X-gray / little Curies

B. X-rays / little Curies

C. X-rays / small Curies

D. X-rays / little Maries

The fruits ______________________________ by her.

A. were not buyed

B. was not bought

C. were not bought

D. were not buy

The food _________________________ by my mom everyday.

A. is cooked

B. is cook

C. is cooking

D. are cooked

Milk ____________________ in litres.

A. are sold

B. is sold

C. is sell

D. is sells

The rabbit ___________________________ for by my little sister.

A. are being cared

B. is being care

C. is being cared

D. is been cared

The last bus __________________________ by my sister.

A. had been miss

B. had been missed

C. had been missing

D. have been missed

The door ____________________ by the watchman.

A. are opened

B. is open

C. is opened

D. is openet

Marie Curie discovered _____________________.

A. radioactiviti

B. radiumactivity and vibranium

C. radioactivity

D. radioactivity and adamantium

They ____________________ bring their books to school.

A. can to

B. must to

C. should to

D. should

____________________ you open the door, please?

A. must

B. Could

C. have to

D. has to

You _______________ not litter.

A. should to

B. have to

C. must

D. has to

My car _____________________________ by my best friend.

A. will be repair

B. will be repaired

C. will be repairing

D. will been repaired

Salvador Dali believed he was the reincarnation of his __________.

A. cousin

B. dad

C. uncle

D. brother

A love letter ______________________________ by my special person next year.

A. will be writes

B. will being written

C. will be write

D. will be written

The soccer match ______________________________ by Chivas.

A. had been win

B. had been won

C. had being won

D. have been won

Salvador Dali created the logo of the __________.

A. chupa chups chocolate

B. chupa chups lollipop

C. chupa chups popsicle

D. chupa chups lolipop

Marie Curie was the _______________ to win a Nobel Prize, in _______________

A. first woman / Chemistry

B. first person / Chemistry

C. first woman / radioactivity.

D. first woman / Physics.

Salvador Dali met famouse people like __________ and __________.

A. Pablo Picasso / Leonardo Da Vinci

B. Walt Disney / Sigmud Freud

C. Mickey Disney / Sigmud Freud

D. Walt Disney / Sigmud Picasso

The guitar _________________________ by Mayte.

A. is played always

B. is always play

C. is always played

D. are always played

Marie Curie discovered _________________________.

A. poland and radium

B. polonium and calcium

C. polonium and radio

D. polonium and radium

You ____________________ more. The TOEFL test is going to be next four-moth period

A. ought to studying

B. ought study

C. ought to study

D. ought to studied


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