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Passive Voice in Past Simple Tense Quiz


The suspects _____________ (arrest) by the police yesterday.

A. arrested

B. was arrested

C. were arrested

D. were arresting

A lot of lives have been saved since seat belts _______________ (introduce) many years ago.

A. introduced

B. was introduced

C. were introduced

D. were introducing

My brother ______________ (attack) by the snake last week. He is in the hospital now.

A. attack

B. is attacked

C. was attacked

D. were attacked

I saw a car accident. Four people ________ (take) to the hospital immediately.

A. took

B. taken

C. was taken

D. were taken

Slumdog Millionaire __________________as the best film of 2009.

A. chose

B. choose

C. was chosen

D. were chosen

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater __________ (rebuild) in the 1990s.

A. rebuilt

B. was rebuilt

C. were rebuilt

D. will be rebuilt

The trees __________ (cut) down last winter.

A. was cut

B. were cut

C. was cutting

D. were cutting

William Shakespeare ____________ Romeo and Juliet in 1595.

A. write

B. wrote

C. was written

D. were writing

Make these active present simple sentence passive.

Somebody speaks English here.

A. English is spoke here.

B. English were spoken here.

C. English is spoken here.

A stolen painting by Picasso _____________ (find) in a bin in New York several years ago.

A. found

B. founded

C. had found

D. was found

Hollywood _____________ in the early 1900s.

A. build

B. built

C. was built

D. were built

When I came in , the TV __________ (fix) already.

A. was fixed

B. was fixing

C. were fixed

D. were fixing

400 children ________________ (send) home from school yesterday because of the hot weather.

A. was sent

B. were sent

C. was sending

D. were sending

The postman …….. ……… by the dog next door.

A. were bitte

B. wasn’t bitten

Is it an Passive sentence?

Bats eat insects.



The women ___________________ (rescue) by the firefighters.

A. rescue

B. rescued

C. was rescued

D. were rescued

Paper ____________ (use) by the Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago.

A. used

B. was used

C. was using

D. had used

Pupils ___________ (tell) that the exam results would be published the following day.

A. tell

B. told

C. was told

D. were told


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