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Passive Voice of Tenses Quiz


How much money ….. (steal) in the robbery ?

A. is stolen

B. was stolen

C. will be stolen

Mr. Harris will plan the meeting tomorrow.

A. The meeting was planned by Mr. Harris tomorrow.

B. The meeting is planned by Mr. Harris tomorrow.

C. The meeting will planned by Mr. Harris tomorrow.

D. The meeting will be planned by Mr. Harris tomorrow.

Active: They are taking pictures from the bus.

A. Passive: Pictures are taken from the bus.

B. Passive: Pictures are being taken from the bus.

C. Passive: Pictures are being took from the bus.

The telephone ________________ by Alexander Graham Bell

A. is being invented

B. is invented

C. was invented

D. will be invented

A hurricane destroyed a few houses.

A. A few houses were destroyed by a hurricane

B. A few houses are destroyed by a Hurricane

C. A few houses destroyed by a Hurricane

D. A few houses is destroyed by a Hurricane

You … (invite) to the wedding. Why didn’t you go?

A. are invited

B. were invited

C. will be invited

D. are going to be invited

The black bike ______________ by Tom at the moment

A. has been repaired

B. will be repaired

C. is repaired

D. is being repaired

Why _________ alone all day?

A. do your dogs leave

B. are your dogs left

Electricity …. by Thomas Alva Edison.

A. invented

B. was invented

C. will invent

D. will be invented

The waiter is serving the customer.

A. The customer is served by the waiter

B. The customer are served by the waiter

C. The customer is being served by the waiter

D. The customer was being served by the customer

This house … (paint) by my grandfather. Now, although he passed away, we still remember what he did for our family.

A. is painted

B. was painted

Many accidents …. (cause) by careless driving every year.

A. were caused

B. have been caused

C. will be caused

D. are caused

the salary _________________ every month

A. is being paid

B. is paying

C. is paid

D. is being paying

You can’t see the villa from the road. It ….. (surround) by trees.

A. was surrounded

B. has been surrounded

C. is surrounded

Active: She didn’t answer her phone.

A. Passive: The phone wasn’t answered.

B. Passive: The phone hasn’t been answered.

C. Passive: The phone aren’t answered.

The teacher solved the problems.

A. The problems was solved by the teacher.

B. The problems are solved by the teacher.

C. The problems were solved by the teacher.

They ______ sandals in summer.

A. wear

B. are worn

…. (clean) this room everyday?

A. Is this room being cleaned everyday?

B. Has this room been cleaned everyday?

C. Is this room cleaned everyday?

They ________ tennis twice a week.

A. play

B. are played

Thousands of people ________ this museum every year.

A. visit

B. are visited

Originally the book ……. (write) in Spanish, and a few years ago it ……. ( translate) into English.

A. is written – is translated

B. was written – was translated

C. has been written – was translated

D. was written – has been translated

Millions of tourists visit Spain every year.

A. Spain is visited by millions of tourists every year.

B. Spain was visited by millions of tourists every year.

C. Spain are visited by millions of tourists every year.

The roof of the building … (damage) in a storm a few days ago.

A. has been damaged

B. is damaged

C. was damaged

Two hundreds of people ….. (employ) by the company last year.

A. are employed

B. have been employed

C. were employed

Government will build a new palace next year.

A. A new palace will built by the government next year

B. A new palace will be built by the government next year

C. A new palace will build by the government next year

D. A new palace will be build by the government next year


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