Grammar Quiz

Passive Voice - Past Simple Quiz


Some wild animals ________ to the zoo last year.

A. is taken

B. are took

C. is took

D. were taken

This problem ______by your brother yesterday

A. was solved

B. will be solved

C. is solved

D. solves

Yesterday, I _________ to go to the principal’s office.

A. am told

B. is told

C. was told

D. was tell

She made the olive oil. (Past Simple)

A. The olive oil has been made.

B. The olive oil were made.

C. The olive oil was made.

D. The olive oil is made.

A stolen painting by Picasso _____________ in a bin in New York a few years ago.

A. was found

B. is found

C. will be found

Choose the correct passive form for this active sentence:
They rebuilt Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in the 1990s.

A. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre was rebuilt in the 1990s. 

B. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is rebuilt in the 1990s. 

C. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre will be rebuilt in the 1990s. 

When … the English tests … ?

A. were … applied

B. was … applied

C. are … applied

D. is … applied

The royal wedding________(watch) by millions of people in 2011

A. are watching

B. are watched

C. is watched

D. was watched

Those jeans ________ by my mother last week.

A. is bought

B. are bought

C. were bought

D. are buy

The tickets … in the theater but in online.

A. wasn’t bought

B. isn’t bought

C. aren’t bought

D. weren’t bought

A saw a car accident. Four students________to hospital

A. was taken

B. were took

C. are taken

D. were taken

The pyramid … until 1925

A. weren’t excavated

B. wasn’t excavated

C. isn’t excavated

D. aren’t excavated

The tomb … in 1926.

A. is discovered

B. are discovered

C. was discovered

D. were discovered

Some DNA samples … to analyze the mummy.

A. was taken

B. is taken

C. are taken

D. were taken

Choose the correct passive sentence:
Karl Benz built the first modern automobile in 1885.

A. The first modern automobile was built by Karl Benz in 1885.

B. The first modern automobile was built in 1885.

C. The first modern automobile had been built by Karl Benz in 1885.

Paper __________ by the Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. 

A. was used

B. is used

C. will be used

The lovely poem … for you.

A. were written

B. are written

C. was written

D. is written

This clock ________in 1750

A. is made

B. was made

C. is making

D. will be made

The Harry Potter films________(not direct) by Steven Spielberg

A. didn’t directed

B. wasn’t directed

C. isn’t directed

D. weren’t directed

My sister______________by wild tigers, she is at the hospital.

A. was attack

B. is attacked

C. was attacked

D. are attacked


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