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Passive Voice - Present Continuous Quiz


The clothes _______________________ by Iwana now. (wash)

A. am being washed

B. is being washed

C. are being washed

A tasty cake _____________________ by my sister now. (make)

A. is being make

B. is being made

C. am being made

I am writing a poem

A. A poem be being written by me

B. A poem is being wrote by me

C. A poem is being written by me

Someone is photocopying the document.
What is the passive?

A. The document is photocopied.

B. Someone is photocopied by the document.

C. The document is being photocopied.

The baby _________________ by her mother. (feed)

A. is being fed

B. is being feed

C. is being feeding

The picture _________________ by Afif. (draw)

A. is being drew

B. is being drawn

C. is being drawing

She is taking a picture of him.

A. A picture of him is being taken by her

B. A picture of him being taken by her

C. A picture of him was being taken by her

I ____________________ by the teacher. (punish)

A. am being punish

B. am being punished

C. is being punished

Farmer Joe is milking the cows.

A. The cows are being milked by farmer Joe

B. The cows being milked by farmer Joe

C. The cows are been milked by farmer Joe

An ice-cream ______________________ by Aiman now. (eat)

A. is being eaten

B. is being ate

C. is being eated

Sheila is drinking a cup of tea

A. A cup of tea is been drunk by Sheila

B. A cup of tea is being drunk by Sheila

C. A cup of tea is be drunk by Sheila

English __________________ by Haikal at this university. (teach)

A. is being taught

B. is being teached

C. is being teaching

The kids _________________________ by coach. (train)

A. is not being train

B. are not being trained

C. is not being trained

Someone is cleaning the room.
What is the passive?

A. The room is cleaned.

B. The room is being cleaned.

C. Someone is cleaned.

The mail _________________________ by the postman. (deliver)

A. am being delivered

B. is being delivered

C. are being delivered

The final football match _____________________ by everyone. (watch)

A. are being watched

B. is being watched

C. am being watched

He isn’t wearing a tie.

A. A tie is being worn by him

B. A tie isn’t being worn by him

C. A tie was being worn by him

They are not painting the walls properly.
What is the passive?

A. The walls are painted properly

B. The walls are not being painted properly.

C. They are painted properly.

My father is washing the car

A. The car is been washed by my father

B. The car is washed by my father

C. The car is being washed by my father

The fish … … … by my mother.

A. is fried

B. is being fried

C. is frying

D. is being fry


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