Grammar Quiz

Passive with Modals Quiz


The invitations ____ out by the end of this week.

A. will be sent

B. will send

C. sent

D. are sending

The package ____ to your address next week.

A. will deliver

B. will be delivered

C. delivered

D. is delivering

The house …… by the time you arrive tomorrow.

A. will be cleaned

B. will clean

C. cleaned

D. is cleaning

The movie ____ at the cinema next month.

A. will show

B. showed

C. will be shown

D. is showing

The article ____ by the journalist before it is published.

A. will be reviewed

B. will review

C. reviewed

D. is reviewing

The message …… to her before she leaves.

A. will convey

B. will be conveyed

C. conveyed

D. is conveying

The new building ____ by the end of next year.

A. will be completed

B. will complete

C. completed

D. is completing

The car ____ by the mechanic before you receive it.

A. will inspect

B. will be inspected

C. inspected

D. is inspecting

The flowers ____ to her by her boyfriend.

A. will give

B. gave

C. are giving

D. will be given

The mistake __________ before it’s too late.

A. must be corrected

B. is corrected

C. was corrected

D. will correct

The book ____ in several languages next year.

A. will be published

B. will publish

C. published

D. is publishing

The report ____ by the research team by the end of the year.

A. will be completed

B. will complete

C. completed

D. is completing

The news ____ to the public tomorrow.

A. will be announced

B. will announce

C. announced

D. is announcing

The car __________ before a long road trip.

A. should be serviced

B. serviced

C. is serviced

D. will service

The email …… to all employees by the human resources department.

A. will send

B. sent

C. is sending

D. will be sent

She hopes that after her book comes out, it …… by many people.

A. reads

B. will read

C. was reading

D. will be read

The cake ____ by my sister for my birthday.

A. will bake

B. baked

C. is baking

D. will be baked

The message ____ to the boss in the morning.

A. will convey

B. conveyed

C. will be conveyed

D. is conveying

The winners ____ by the time the ceremony starts.

A. will announce

B. will be announced

C. announced

D. are announcing

The application __________ carefully before any decisions are made.

A. is considered

B. must be considered

C. was considered

D. will consider


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