Grammar Quiz

Past and Past Continuous Quiz


___________he was reading , he realised he knew the people in the news article

A. While

B. When

The bear attacked ….. he was running away.

A. when

B. while

______ I saw him, he was eating icecream.

A. When

B. While

She was reading a book when I…

A. getting home

B. got home

C. was got home

D. were gotting

I was running ____________ I fell.

A. while

B. when

The phone rang ________ I was studying

A. When

B. While

While I_______ for the bus, she called me

A. was waiting

B. were waiting

C. was waited

D. was wait

Tina ………………………………when she fell and hurt her leg.

A. were dancing

B. was dancing

C. danced

____________ I was driving, my cell phone rang.

A. While

B. When

He was running away …. the bear attacked.

A. when

B. while

when they came here, …..

A. I watch TV

B. I were watched TV

C. I was watching TV

D. I were watching TV

…. the bear attacked, he was running away.

A. while

B. when

While I _____, I heard a noise suddenly.

A. was reading the newspaper

B. read the newspaper

C. have read the newspaper

D. reads the newspaper

While she was watching the cell phone………

A. the teacher asked her to bring candies

B. the teacher was asked her to bring candies

C. the teacher were asking her to bring candies

D. don’t select this option!!!!

I was watching through the window…

A. when the car crashing

B. While a car were crashing

C. While a car crashing

D. When a car crashed

I was reading a book _______ I heard a voice

A. while

B. when

C. and

They went to the party…….

A. Candies

B. While I was working

C. More candies

D. I am on a diet


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