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Past and Present Continuous Quiz


I don’t know why the children ____ ____ so much noise.

A. is make

B. are make

C. is making

D. are making

They _______ _______________ an ice cream

A. Wasn’t eating

B. Were eating

C. Weren’t eating

D. Was eating

Put into the correct order

A. We was a playing game?

B. Were we playing a game?

C. Was we a game playing?

D. We playing were a game?

Right now we are busy _____ the match on TV.

A. to watch

B. to watching

C. watching

D. watch

She ____ _____ the movie because it’s too scary.

A. is watching

B. isn’t watching

C. is to watch

D. isn’t watched

My brother ____ ____ of getting married next year.

A. is thinking

B. is think

C. was think

D. was thought

These days, Amna ____ _____ English in Foundations.

A. have study

B. is study

C. has studies

D. is studying

Students ____ ____ to college today because of the storm.

A. haven’t coming

B. aren’t coming

C. have came

D. are come

Please stop talking. I ____ ____ to study.

A. have try

B. am try

C. am trying

D. have trying

It (rain)………..all the day.

A. was raining

B. were raining

C. was rain

D. were rain

You (sleep)……..more than ten hours.

A. were sleep

B. was sleeping

C. were sleeping

D. was sleep

My uncle ____ ____ a new house in Ajman.

A. is build

B. was build

C. were building

D. is building

____ you _____ sick because of all the junk food you ate?

A. Do, feeling

B. Did, felt

C. Are, feel

D. Are, feeling

You (watch)………….. TV yesterday night.

A. was watching

B. were watching

C. were watch

D. was watch

Choose the correct sentence in negative with past continuous

A. It is great to look u but we will give some classes

B. I wasn´t chooseing the correct word , i am wrong

C. I am not loving her all time

D. We weren´t doing anything today , i am tired

My friends __________________ outside yesterday at 5:00p.m.

A. were playing

B. was playing

C. were played

D. was played


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