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Past Continuous Quiz


A: What were you doing last night?

B: I ______ a meal for my family.
A. cook

B. cooked

C. was cooking

D. cooks

They ______________ when somebody rang the bell (to study)

A. were studing

B. was studying

C. were studying

Qual das frases abaixo está no Past Continuous?

A. We were watching a movie when the doorbell rang.

B. My mom made a delicious cake yesterday.

C. I’ve been studying for the SAT.

Complete: “I _________________a very pleasant book at 6 last night.” (to read)

A. am reading

B. was reading

C. were reading

Why were you _______ angry?

A. felt

B. feeling

C. feel

D. feels

O past continuous é formado por

A. Sujeito + verbo to be + not + verbo com -ing + complemento

B. Sujeito + verbo to be no simple past + verbo principal com -ing

C. Sujeito + verbo principal com -ing + verbo to be no simple past

Kim was watching TV when I ________.

A. arrived

B. did arrive

C. was arriving

D. arrive

Choose the correct option:

Tina (arrive) _____________ at Mary’s house before 9 pm, but she (be, not) _____________ there. She (study) _____________ at her friend’s house.

A. was arriving – wasn’t – studying

B. arrives – been – studying

C. arrived – wasn’t – was studying

What ________ when you saw him?

A. did Tony wear

B. was Tony wearing

C. wore Tony

D. Tony wear

My father and my little brother ______________________ soccer yesterday when it started to rain. (to play)

A. was playing

B. are playing

C. were playing

What __________ doing when I saw you?

A. are you

B. were you

C. did you

D. do you

________he___________ to music? (listen)

A. Was – to listen

B. Was – listening

C. Did – listening

I was following her when suddenly she ________.

A. stops

B. was stopping

C. stopped

D. stop

Qual das frases abaixo está no Past Continuous?

A. I was not at home when she arrived.

B. Melissa and Juan are happy.

C. I wasn’t playing football when you called.

Tina _______ over when she was playing baseball.

A. fell

B. was falling

C. wasn’t falling

D. fall

Guess who I ______ when I was shopping.

A. did meet

B. met

C. was meeting

D. meet

Last night I ________ for a bus when it started to rain.

A. wait

B. was waiting

C. waited

D. to wait

We were watching the movie when the lights _______ off.

A. go

B. went

C. were going

D. goes

She _______ (watch) TV when he called.

A. is watching

B. watched

C. was watching

_________________ (you/speak) English?

A. You were speaking

B. Did you speaking

C. Were you speaking

What was she doing when you ______ her?

A. see

B. saw

C. seeing

D. sees

While my sister ______ a movie her friend ________ to visit.

A. watched, came

B. was watching, coming

C. was watching, came

D. watched, was coming

How long were you _______ for me yesterday?

A. waiting

B. waited

C. wait

D. waits

I was sleeping when the phone ________ and woke me up.

A. was ringing

B. ring

C. rang

D. rings

I _______ my girlfriend three months ago.

A. met

B. meeting

C. meet

D. meets


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