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Past Continuous Quiz


We use past simple to talk about

A. actions that finished in the past.

B. actions that is happening right now.

C. a true

D. hobbies

How long were you _______ for me yesterday?

A. waiting

B. waited

C. wait

D. waits

My grandma ____ apple trees while she lived in the country.

A. were planting

B. was planting

C. planted

O past continuous é formado por

A. Sujeito + verbo to be + not + verbo com -ing + complemento

B. Sujeito + verbo to be no simple past + verbo principal com -ing

C. Sujeito + verbo principal com -ing + verbo to be no simple past

How many kinds of verb in simple past tense?

A. regular verbs

B. irregular verbs

C. both

D. V – ing

What __________ doing when I saw you?

A. are you

B. were you

C. did you

D. do you

Which one is past simple sentences?

A. Emma went to Australia last week.

B. I go to school by bike.

C. She likes butter sandwich.

D. They are riding a bike at the moment.

Tony ______ the Net while Anna ______ a book.

A. were surfing / were reading

B. was surfing / was reading

C. was surfing / were reading

D. were surfing / was reading

I ____ for the way out of the center but couldn’t find it.

A. looked

B. was looking

C. were looking

Choose the correct option:

Tina (arrive) _____________ at Mary’s house before 9 pm, but she (be, not) _____________ there. She (study) _____________ at her friend’s house.

A. was arriving – wasn’t – studying

B. arrives – been – studying

C. arrived – wasn’t – was studying

Which sentense is past continuous sentense?

A. He isn’t sitting on the beach in Australia at the moment.

B. He doesn’t sits on the beach in Australia every Monday.

C. This time last year, he wasn’t sitting on the beach in Australia.

D. Last year, he didn’t sit on the beach in Australia.

A: What were you doing last night?

B: I ______ a meal for my family.
A. cook

B. cooked

C. was cooking

D. cooks

They ______________ when somebody rang the bell (to study)

A. were studing

B. was studying

C. were studying

We were watching the movie when the lights _______ off.

A. go

B. went

C. were going

D. goes

It ______ (be) a beautiful day yesterday. The sun _______ (shine) and the birds ________ (sing). I was so happy.

A. was / was shining / sang

B. was / shone / were singing

C. was / was shining / were singing

D. were / was shining / were singing

While I ______ for English test yesterday, my brother ______ fun with his friends.

A. was studying / was having

B. were studying / were having

C. were studying / was having

D. was studying / were having

My sister ______ with her friends when I came. She was planting a flower.

A. was playing

B. wasn’t playing

C. were playing

D. weren’t playing

I broke that window while I __________ the room.

A. is painting

B. was painting

C. were painting

D. are painting

Qual das frases abaixo está no Past Continuous?

A. I was not at home when she arrived.

B. Melissa and Juan are happy.

C. I wasn’t playing football when you called.

We ____ climbing in the mountains last summer.

A. went

B. were going

C. did go

I felt sick yesterday. I ____ something rotten.

A. was eating

B. ate

C. were eating

What was she doing when you ______ her?

A. see

B. saw

C. seeing

D. sees

Darrel couldn’t find his old hat. His sister ____ it away long time ago.

A. was throwing

B. throwed

C. threw

My father and my little brother ______________________ soccer yesterday when it started to rain. (to play)

A. was playing

B. are playing

C. were playing

As the student _______ (daydream), the teacher _______ (ask) him a question.

A. was daydreaming / has asked

B. daydreamed / is asking

C. daydreamed / was asking

D. was daydreaming / asked


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