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Past Continuous Quiz


It ______ (be) a beautiful day yesterday. The sun _______ (shine) and the birds ________ (sing). I was so happy.

A. was / was shining / sang

B. was / shone / were singing

C. was / was shining / were singing

D. were / was shining / were singing

We use past simple to talk about

A. actions that finished in the past.

B. actions that is happening right now.

C. a true

D. hobbies

Yesterday, at six I __________ dinner.

A. was preparing

B. was prepare

C. were preparing

D. were prepare

Complete: “I _________________a very pleasant book at 6 last night.” (to read)

A. am reading

B. was reading

C. were reading

The bike is ok now. My dad ____ it yesterday.

A. repaired

B. were repairing

C. was repair

The firm went bankrupt and I ____ my job.

A. was losing

B. losing

C. lost

What was she doing when you ______ her?

A. see

B. saw

C. seeing

D. sees

Tina _______ over when she was playing baseball.

A. fell

B. was falling

C. wasn’t falling

D. fall

I was following her when suddenly she ________.

A. stops

B. was stopping

C. stopped

D. stop

I ____ for the way out of the center but couldn’t find it.

A. looked

B. was looking

C. were looking

Was / Were + S + V_ing + O?
This is past continuous _________________ .

A. Wh – question

B. Yes / No question

C. Negative sentense

D. Affirmative sentense

Which sentense is past continuous sentence?

A. Were you a student in 1999?

B. Were you watching TV at 7 o’clock?

C. Have you watched TV at 7 o’clock?

D. Are you watching TV at 7 o’clock?

While my sister ______ a movie her friend ________ to visit.

A. watched, came

B. was watching, coming

C. was watching, came

D. watched, was coming

How many kinds of verb in simple past tense?

A. regular verbs

B. irregular verbs

C. both

D. V – ing

Greg ____ in a test when his teacher noticed it.

A. was cheating

B. cheated

C. was cheat

________he___________ to music? (listen)

A. Was – to listen

B. Was – listening

C. Did – listening

At the time Jack returned home from England his father ____ in the Baltic Sea.

A. sailed

B. were sailing

C. was sailing

Which sentence is past continuous (quá khứ tiếp diễn) tense?

A. I was listening to music this morning.

B. I am listening to music this morning.

C. I listen to music this morning.

D. I were listening to music this morning.

They ______________ when somebody rang the bell (to study)

A. were studing

B. was studying

C. were studying

My father and my little brother ______________________ soccer yesterday when it started to rain. (to play)

A. was playing

B. are playing

C. were playing

The students __________ when the teacher entered the class.

A. was talking

B. is talking

C. are talking

D. were talking

Tony ______ the Net while Anna ______ a book.

A. were surfing / were reading

B. was surfing / was reading

C. was surfing / were reading

D. were surfing / was reading

A: ______ your best friend play football at four o’clock last week? No, he ____.

A. Were / was

B. Were / weren’t

C. Was / wasn’t

D. Was / weren’t

1. They did / were doing their homework and then they went shopping.
2. ‘Where were you yesterday afternoon?’ ‘I visited / was visiting my grandparents!’
3. It rained / was raining when I left / was leaving home.
4. I saw Ben while I waited / was waiting for the bus.
5. I was waiting for the bus when I saw / was seeing Ben.

A. 1. did / 2. was visiting / 3. was raining / left / 4. was waiting / 5. saw

B. 1. did / 2. visited / 3. rained / left / 4. waited / 5. was seeing

C. 1. were doing / 2. visited / 3. was raining / was leaving / 4. waited / 5. saw

D. 1. were doing / 2. was visiting / 3. rained / was leaving / 4. was waiting / 5. was seeing

While I ______ for English test yesterday, my brother ______ fun with his friends.

A. was studying / was having

B. were studying / were having

C. were studying / was having

D. was studying / were having


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