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Past Continuous Tense Quiz


The baby was _____ while the mother was _____ a video.

A. laugh, record

B. laughing, recording

C. laughed, recorded

D. laughing, recorded

Most of my friends ____ ____ a good time at the gathering.

A. was having

B. were having

C. was have

D. were have

My mother …………………. an e-mail while he ……………… his suitcase.

A. was receiving/was packing

B. received/was packing

C. received/packed

D. was receiving/packed

Last night, my friend and I ____ ____ at the mall.

A. was shopped

B. were shopped

C. were shopping

D. was shopping

I … Hepling them 3 hours ago

A. Were

B. Is

C. Was

D. Were

All yesterday morning my parents______.

A. are sleeping

B. were sleeping

C. slept

D. sleeping

The people on the plane ____ ____ when it almost crashed.

A. was sleep

B. was sleeping

C. were sleep

D. were sleeping

______ was reading a book but Sammy wanted to play with.

A. You

B. She

C. Jane and I

D. Alli and Andrew

They transferred him as he _______ not _____________ the business well.

A. was, controlling

B. were, controlling

C. did, controlling

D. was, control

What ____ you ____ when the accident happened?

A. are, do

B. are, doing

C. was, do

D. were, doing

When I left the house, two dogs ____ _____ on the street.

A. was walk

B. were walk

C. was walking

D. were walking

I could not pick up the phone as I _________________ the clothes.

A. was washing

B. was wash

C. was washed

D. was washes

We reached late, because we ____________________ the gifts.

A. were arranging

B. not arranging

C. was arranging

D. were arrange

I turned back, because they _________ just _____________ the shop.

A. were, closing

B. was, closing

C. did, closed

D. were, closed

When the taxi arrived, the friends ____ ____ goodbye.

A. was say

B. were saying

C. were say

D. was saying

When you called, I __________ the newspaper.

A. had been reading

B. was reading

C. had read

D. read

It was all related. I ______ not __________ to change the subject.

A. was, trying

B. was, tries

C. were, trying

D. were, try

Maitha said she ____ sleeping, she was awake.

A. wasn’t

B. was

C. were

D. weren’t

You _____ _______ on the door but I was not at home.

A. were knocking

B. was knocking

C. knock ing

My brother and sister _____ playing tennis .

A. was

B. were

Why _____ he having lunch at 4pm?

A. was

B. does

C. were

Was it you who _________________ at me in the garden?

A. was waving

B. have waving

C. is waving

D. be waving

She ____ to music when I called.

A. were listening

B. was listen

C. was listening

D. wasn’t listening

He __________ while she was sitting.

A. were standing

B. was standing

C. was stand

D. standing

As I ___________ a shower, my parents came home.

A. was taking

B. had been taking

C. took

D. had taken


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