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Past Continuous Tense Quiz


The students were doing the test…………….

A. while the supevisor was watching them

B. when the director has inspected the class

C. while it is raining

D. since half past seven

We ……… in the classroom, when the headmaster entered

A. have all been sitting

B. don’t sit

C. were all sitting

D. are all sitting

We ______________ meeting yesterday.

A. is having

B. are having

C. was having

D. were having

While he ____ here, he walked to school.

A. were being

B. was being

C. is

D. have been

All yesterday morning my parents______.

A. are sleeping

B. were sleeping

C. slept

D. sleeping

_____ you _____ football at 2 PM ?

A. Were, playing

B. Was, playing

C. Are, playing

D. Do, playing

He __________ while she was sitting.

A. were standing

B. was standing

C. was stand

D. standing

I ______ work when he stopped.

A. am starting

B. was starting

C. am started

D. were started

He was _____ away when he saw me.

A. walk

B. walks

C. walked

D. walking

Jane ____________a bike last evening.

A. is riding

B. are riding

C. was riding

D. were riding

Mike: Hi Clara, what were you doing last night ?

Clara: I ______ music

A. was listening

B. listened

C. am listening

D. am listen

I ____ my work at six o’clock yesterday.

A. finish

B. finished

C. finishes

D. was finishing

Yesterday at midnight, I ____ ____ a instant noodle.

A. was, eating

B. were, eating

C. am, eating

D. is, eating

What were you doing last night when I _____ you?

A. was phoning

B. phone

C. did phone

D. phoned

When I saw you in the shop last night, you …………… your new hat.

A. don’t wear

B. weren’t wearing

C. haven’t been wearing

D. haven’t worn

What ______ you ______ last night when I phoned to you?

A. was / having

B. were / sleeping

C. was / doing

D. were / doing


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