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Past Participle Quiz


I found your grammar book under the table. I’ve __________ (put) it away on the bookshelf.

A. pought

B. put

C. putten

D. putted

A. eaten
B. aten
C. eten


A. Going

B. Goes

C. Gone

D. Went


A. Studies

B. Studied

C. Studying

D. Students

What is the past participle form of write?

A. writen

B. written

C. wrote

D. wroten

Do Did ……

A. Did

B. Do

C. Done

D. Doing


A. Typo

B. Types

C. Typed

D. Typing

Go went ……

A. Gone

B. Going

C. Go

D. Goed

Put put ……

A. Putting

B. Putted

C. Put

D. Putter

What is the past participle form of swim?

A. swam

B. swum

C. swummed

D. swamed


A. Cooked

B. Cooks

C. Cookes

D. Cookies

A. flew 
B. fly
C. flown

Julie wasn’t at home. She had __________ (go) to shops

A. went

B. was

C. gone

D. go

We’ve already __________ (have) lunch.

A. have

B. has

C. had

D. haven’t

Which auxiliar verb should I use with ‘Somebody’ ? (consider Past Participle)

A. Have

B. Has

C. Had

Learn Learned …..

A. Learning

B. Learner

C. Learned

D. Learnt


A. Maked

B. Makes

C. Making

D. Made

Teach taught …….

A. Taught

B. Teached

C. Teaching

D. Touch

Eat Ate …..

A. Eated

B. Eating

C. Eaten

D. Ated

Swim swam …..

A. Swimmed

B. Swem

C. Swum

D. Swimming

Know knew ……

A. Knowing

B. Knewn

C. Knowed

D. Known

Meet met …..

A. Meeting

B. Meet

C. Met

D. Meeted

Begin Began ……

A. Begun

B. Beginning

C. Begane

D. Beginned


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