Grammar Quiz

Past Participle Quiz


Julie wasn’t at home. She had __________ (go) to shops

A. went

B. was

C. gone

D. go

I found your grammar book under the table. I’ve __________ (put) it away on the bookshelf.

A. pought

B. put

C. putten

D. putted

Have you ever ____ (try) bungee jumping?

A. tried

B. tries

C. trys

D. trying

Know knew ……

A. Knowing

B. Knewn

C. Knowed

D. Known

Have you ever ____ (relax) in a hammock?

A. relaxing

B. relaxy

C. relaxes

D. relaxed


A. Cooked

B. Cooks

C. Cookes

D. Cookies


A. Maked

B. Makes

C. Making

D. Made

Have you ever ____ (have) a pet?

A. had

B. haved

C. having

D. haded

Have you ever ____ (prepare) seafood for dinner?

A. preparing

B. prepares

C. prepared

Go went ……

A. Gone

B. Going

C. Go

D. Goed


A. Typo

B. Types

C. Typed

D. Typing

Have you ever ____ (find) a wallet in the street?

A. finding

B. found

C. finded

D. findid

Which auxiliar verb should I use with ‘Somebody’ ? (consider Past Participle)

A. Have

B. Has

C. Had

Have you ever ____ (lift) weights?

A. lifting

B. lifted

C. liftes

D. lifts

Have you ever ____ (step) on chewing gum?

A. stepes

B. stepped

C. steppes

D. stepping

Have you ever ____ (live) through the flood?

A. lives

B. lived

C. living

We’ve already __________ (have) lunch.

A. have

B. has

C. had

D. haven’t


A. Going

B. Goes

C. Gone

D. Went

What is the past participle form of write?

A. writen

B. written

C. wrote

D. wroten

Have you ever ____ (practise) ballet?

A. practised

B. practises

C. practising

D. practiced

Have you ever ____ (speak) English on the phone?

A. speaking

B. spoken

C. spoked

D. spoke

Have you ever ____ (fly) in a hot air ballon?

A. flew

B. flies

C. flown

D. flying

Have you ever ____ (drive) a tractor)

A. drived

B. driven

C. driving

D. drives

Have you ever ____ (chop) firewood?

A. choping

B. choppes

C. chopped

D. chops

Teach taught …….

A. Taught

B. Teached

C. Teaching

D. Touch


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