Past Participle Quiz



A. Studies

B. Studied

C. Studying

D. Students

Begin Began ……

A. Begun

B. Beginning

C. Begane

D. Beginned

Teach taught …….

A. Taught

B. Teached

C. Teaching

D. Touch


A. Cooked

B. Cooks

C. Cookes

D. Cookies

Eat Ate …..

A. Eated

B. Eating

C. Eaten

D. Ated

Swim swam …..

A. Swimmed

B. Swem

C. Swum

D. Swimming


A. Typo

B. Types

C. Typed

D. Typing

Put put ……

A. Putting

B. Putted

C. Put

D. Putter

Do Did ……

A. Did

B. Do

C. Done

D. Doing

Meet met …..

A. Meeting

B. Meet

C. Met

D. Meeted


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