Grammar Quiz

Past Passive Quiz


The tomb _________________ in 1926.

A. is discovered

B. are discovered

C. was discovered

D. were discovered

Which is the correct past form of this sentence?

‘Mozart composed the magic flute’.

A. The magic flute wasn’t composed for Mozart

B. The magic flute composed was by Mozart

C. The magic flute was composed by Mozart.

D. Mozart was composed by the magic flute.

Some DNA samples __________ to analyze the mummy.

A. was taken

B. is taken

C. are taken

D. were taken

King Tut’s mummy ___________ burried with thousand gold in the pyramids.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

Change into passive form.

They found some hieroglyphics.

A. Some hieroglyphics were found by them.

B. Some hieroglyphics was found by them.

C. Some hieroglyphics was finded by them.

D. They were found by some hieroglyphics.

In ancient times, fire (use) ____________________ as a signal over long distances.

A. was used

B. were used

C. is used

D. are used

Sherlock Holmes was one of the greatest detective stories in the world. It________________ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

A. write

B. written

C. was written

D. were written

The pyramid … until 1925

A. weren’t excavated

B. wasn’t excavated

C. isn’t excavated

D. aren’t excavated

The terraccota statues _______________ nearly 5,000 years ago. (make)

A. is made

B. are made

C. was made

D. were made

An ancient mummy ________________ inside the pyramid.

A. find

B. was found

C. was find

D. were found

Machu Picu was ____________ about hundreds year ago.

A. buy

B. built

C. buys

D. builts


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