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Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous Quiz


Which of the following is a question with Past Perfect Continuous?

A. Are you studying Enin US?

B. Did you study English?

C. How long had you been studying English in US?

D. How long have you been studying English?

Which of the following is a sentence in “Past Perfect Continuous”?

A. Had you been waiting long before Uber arrived?

B. Have you been waiting long before the Uber arrived?

C. Did you wait the Uber?

D. Are you waiting the Uber to arrive?

Complete the following sentence in negative past perfect continuous.

Susan __________________ a book, before her mom played the piano.

A. read

B. wasn’t reading

C. has been reading

D. hadn’t been reading

She was exhausted because she (work) since eight o’clock that morning.

A. had worked

B. had been working

The formula of the Present Perfect Continuous is…

A. have been + Verb-ing

B. have been + Verb-ed

C. has been + Verb-ing

D. have/has been + Verb-ing

An action which lasted for some time in the past and result was visible

A. Past Perfect

B. Past Perfect Continous

C. Past Simple

I ….about that book until you mentioned it.

A. hadn’t heard

B. hadn’t been hearing

Once Sally saw me , I …….for 3 hours.

A. had gardened

B. had been gardening

I ….to contact him for ages, but he never replied.

A. had tried

B. had trying

C. tried

D. am trying

When we finally found his house, everyone……. (already/leave) for a club in town.

A. had already left

B. had left

C. already had left

D. left

We use Past Perfect for an action which happened before another past action or before a stated time in the past.

A. Yes

B. No

In 2006, I (live) in a condo in Miami.

A. were living

B. was live

C. was living

D. were live

He (feel) bad for some weeks now.

A. has felt

B. has feeling

C. is feeling

D. has been felt

Which of the following is a question with Past Perfect Continuous?

A. Had you been cooking in Karl’s restaurant before it closed?

B. Had you eating food in Miami?

C. Did you drink my Soda?

D. Have you been waiting here for a week?

When we……..(finish) dinner, we went out.

A. have finished

B. had finished

C. finished

D. was finish

The film….. by the time we got to the cinema.

A. was started

B. had start

C. has started

D. had started

By the time the bell …, I … the test.

A. had rung/had finished

B. rang/was finished

C. rang/had finished

The children were wet because they (play) football in the rain.

A. had played

B. had been playing

Everything was white because it (snow).

A. had snowed

B. had been snowing

My parents (work) when I came home.

A. My parents was work when I came home.

B. My parents were working when I came home.

C. My parents were work when I came home.

D. My parents was working when I came home.

To put emphasis on duration of an action and finished in the past before another past action, usually with since or for.

A. Past Pefect

B. Past Perfect Continuous

C. Past Simple


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