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Past Perfect Simple & Continuous Quiz


We ___ our passports, so we went home to get them. (Past Perfect Simple)

A. had been forgotten

B. had forgotten

C. been forgot

Which one is the correct formula for Past Perfect Simple?

A. Had + Past Participle

B. Had been + Verb (+ing)

C. Had + Verb (+ing)

We use the Past Perfect Simple for action or situation that finished before another action, situation or time in the past.



___ (they/study) for the test? (Past Perfect Simple)

A. Had they study

B. Had they studied

C. Had they been studying

My grandfather ___ (live) in his old house for ages before he moved in with us. (Past Perfect Continuous)

A. had been living

B. had lived

C. had been live

He ___ all over the world by his 30th birthday. (Past Perfect Simple)

A. had been travel

B. had to travel

C. had travelled

___ (she/fight) against the disease for long before she died? (Past Perfect Continuous)

A. She had been fighting

B. She fights

C. She been fighting

I ___ (cope) with my problem for weeks before I found a solution. (Past Perfect Continuous)

A. had been coped

B. had coped

C. had been coping

Shelly ___ (never/play) golf in her life, but she realised she was good at it. (Past Perfect Simple)

A. never play

B. had played

C. had never played

How long ___ (you/dig) before you found the buried treasure? (Past Perfect Continuous)

A. you had dig

B. you had been digging

C. had you been digging

Had been + Verb (+ing)” is the formula for Past Perfect Continuous. True or Not True?


B. Not True


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