Grammar Quiz

Past Perfect Simple Tense Quiz


She __________ Shakespeare before.

A. had taught

B. is taught

C. is teaching

D. has taught

_____ you _____ breakfast when you left the house?

A. Has/ eating

B. Have/ ate

C. Had/ eaten

D. Did/ eat

I ____ ____ at home all day. I had to get out and go for a walk.

A. has been

B. hadn´t been

C. have being

D. hadn’t be

The lights went off because we ___________________ the electricity bill.

A. hadn’t paid

B. hadn’t payed

C. hadn´t paied

D. hadn´t pay

They ___________________ so we went to a restaurant.

A. hadn´t eaten

B. hadn´t eat

C. hadn´t ate

D. hadn´t did eat

We were late for the plane because we ____________________ our passports.

A. had forget

B. had forgot

C. had forgotten

D. had forgetted

She ____________________ in China before she went to Thailand

A. was live

B. didn’t lived

C. had live

D. had lived

The children ___________________ (not / do) their homework, so they were in trouble.

A. hadn´t do

B. hadn´t did

C. hadn´t done

D. had been

She said that she ___________________ the UK before.

A. visit

B. had visit

C. hadn´t visit

D. hadn’t visited

We _______the document when the computer crashed.

A. saves

B. didn’t save

C. has saved

D. had saved

She __________ dinner before leaving for work that day.

A. has prepare

B. preparing

C. had prepared

D. make

They ___________ a lot the days before, so they were ready for the exam.

A. had studied

B. had study

C. haven’t studied

D. hadn’t studied

We _____ never _____ a whale before our trip.

A. had/ seen

B. has/ saw

C. saw

D. have see

Alex ____________ alone before his trip to London.

A. hasn´t travel

B. haven’t travel

C. hadn’t travelled

D. travelled

__________ you __________her before?

A. has/ meet

B. have /meet

C. had /meat

D. had/ met

I ______________all my homework when I went to class.

A. hadn’t did

B. hadn’t do

C. hadn’t done

D. hadn’t odes

When I arrived at the cinema, the film ____________________ .

A. have started

B. had start

C. had started

D. didn´t started

The garden was dead because it ____________________ dry all summer.

A. has been

B. had been

C. had was

D. has be

We couldn’t go into the concert because we ___________________ our tickets.

A. didn’t bring

B. hadn´t bring

C. hadn’t brought

D. hadn´t bought

The grass was yellow because it ___________________ all summer.

A. has rained

B. hadn’t rained

C. was raining

D. did rained

She told me that she ____________________ a lot before the exam.

A. has studyed

B. had studied

C. had studyed

D. has studied

_____ you _____ to that restaurant before?

A. Had /go

B. Had/ went

C. Have/ go

D. Had/ gone

We ____________ anything all day so we were very hungry

A. had eaten

B. hadn’t eaten

C. hadn’t ate

D. hasn’t aten

We _____ never _____ a volcano before our trip.

A. had/see

B. had/saw

C. hadn’t/ seen

D. had/ seen

If you ____________________ to me, you would have got the job

A. had listened

B. have listen

C. had listen

D. has listened


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