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Past Perfect Tense Quiz


Shakira ….composed songs in Arabic, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French

A. have

B. hasn’t

C. had

D. hadn´t

We ________ finished eating dinner.

A. had not

B. not had

C. ‘d had not

D. ‘s had not

By the time we got there, he _______________ .

A. have left

B. has left

C. left

D. had left

He _____ us the item had been shipped.

A. told

B. say

C. talk

D. asking

When we finally found his house, everyone ________for a club in town.

A. had already left

B. leave

C. left

We arrived at 8:05, but the train _____ already left.

A. has

B. have

C. had

D. hadding

What is the correct past perfect form of “She makes some delicious cookies”?

A. She had make some delicious cookies.

B. She has made some delicious cookies.

C. She had made some delicious cookies.

D. She made some delicious cookies.

When they ___________ (open) their suitcases, they realized that they ____________ (forget) their warm clothes.

A. open / forget

B. opened / had forgot

C. opened / forget

D. opened / had forgotten

When the police ________ at the bank, the robbers had already escaped in a car.

A. arrived

B. had arrived

That was the first time I … a salsa in a night club.

A. had danced

B. had dance

C. danced

D. didn’t dance

Lin ______________ as a construction worker for 10 year before he __________________ an architect. (work; become)

A. worked / became

B. had worked / become

C. had worked / became

We ___________________ the car for five years when we sold it.

A. had have

B. had

C. have had

D. had had

When we ________ (get) to the theater, the movie __________ (begin).

A. get / begins

B. got / begin

C. got / had begun

D. got / begin

I was more than happy to see Tom again because I … him for ages.

A.  hadn’t seen

B. saw

C. hadenot seen

D. didn’t see

I needed to know what ______________ to my car.

A. happened

B. has happened

C. happens

D. had happened

By the time I __________ (be) 19 years old, I _____________ (win) a CD signed by my favorite artist.

A. am / won

B. was / had win

C. was / win

D. was / had won

I __________ (be) really happy to see you yesterday because I _________ (not see) you for a long time.

A. be / don’t see

B. are / didn’t see

C. was / hadn’t see

D. was / hadn’t seen

We use the past perfect to refer to actions that happened _____ a specific time or another action in the past.

A. affirmative

B. before

C. negative

D. past participle

I went to Brazil last year. I ___________ (not go) there before.

A. had gone

B. went

C. hadn’t gone

It was a very difficult movie, but I _______ it because I _______ the book.

A. Had understood, read

B. Read, had understood

C. Had read, understood

D. Understood, had read

I was sure that I ___________ the place before

A. had saw

B. seen

C. have seen

D. had seen

I needed to know what ______________ to my dog.

A. has happened

B. had happened

C. happened

When I came round in the hospital I realised I ____________________ the car.

A. have crashed

B. has crashed

C. crashed

D. had crashed

A: Why did you leave so early?

B: Because I _______________ to visit a friend

A. had promise

B. hadn’t promised

C. had promised

We ________ (phone) mom, but she wasn’t home. She ________ (go) out.

A. phoned / had gone

B. phone / goes

C. phoned / had went

D. phone / had go


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