Grammar Quiz

Past Perfect Tense Quiz


Zara ___________ to Chile on an exchange program because she had studied Spanich in high school. (go)

A. went

B. had gone

C. had went

Lin ______________ as a construction worker for 10 year before he __________________ an architect. (work; become)

A. worked / became

B. had worked / become

C. had worked / became

Susy _____________________whe she moved to Mexico city.

A. had graduate

B. had graduated

C. graduated

________________Jon went to elementary school, he had already learned to read and write by himself.

A. Had

B. By

C. By the time

D. Because

By the time the teacher ___________, the students _________ the classroom. (arrive, already leave)

A. had arrived / had already left.

B. arrived / had already left.

C. had arrived / already left.

Which action happened first?
Susy had just graduated (______) when she moved to Mexico city (_____).

A. Susy had just graduated…

B. …when she moved to Mexico city

I _____________ Max for a year before I realized he spoke four languages. (know)

A. known

B. had known

C. had knew

The exam _________________ when the fire alarm ____________. (just start; ring)

A. just had started / ring

B. had just started / rung

C. had just started / rang

Shakira ….composed songs in Arabic, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French

A. have

B. hasn’t

C. had

D. hadn´t


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