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Past Perfect Tense Quiz


By the time we got there, he _______________ .

A. have left

B. has left

C. left

D. had left

Zara ___________ to Chile on an exchange program because she had studied Spanich in high school. (go)

A. went

B. had gone

C. had went

the storm destroyed the building that we ……. last year.

A. has build

B. have built

C. had built

D. building

Past Simple or Past Perfect?

We (live) in the house that my father (build).

A. had lived, built

B. lived, had built

C. lived, built

D. lived, has built

After the game the fans celebrate.

Their team _____ the Super Bowl.

A. had won

B. has won

C. won

D. was winning

By the time the teacher ___________, the students _________ the classroom. (arrive, already leave)

A. had arrived / had already left.

B. arrived / had already left.

C. had arrived / already left.

I was sure that I ___________ the place before

A. had saw

B. seen

C. have seen

D. had seen

Kirty rang at seven. We ____ just ____ our evening.

A. have … finished

B. had … finished

C. are … finished

D. have been … finished

What is the correct past perfect form of “We visit Paris”?

A. We’d visited Paris.

B. We’ve visited Paris.

C. We’d visiting Paris.

D. We’d visit Paris.

When I was 5 years old, I ____________ (learn) how to read.

A. had learned already

B. learn

C. had already learned

The judge _______ angry because the defendant hadn’t told the truth.

A. was

B. had been

What is the correct past perfect form of “I do the laundry”?

A. I have done the laundry.

B. I did the laundry.

C. I had did the laundry.

D. I had done the laundry.

He ________ to China before 2015.

A. has not been

B. have not been

C. had not been

D. was not been

I ______ a lot about her before I heard that she was safe.

A. has worried

B. had worried

C. have worried

D. had worry

Sarah thought she ________ to that zoo before.

A. had

B. has been

C. had be

D. had been

They _____ a lot the days before, so they were ready for the exam.

A. had studied

B. had study

C. have study

D. hadn’t studied

By the time I __________ (be) 19 years old, I _____________ (win) a CD signed by my favorite artist.

A. am / won

B. was / had win

C. was / win

D. was / had won

Before it _____ (start) to rain, I _____ (reach) the station.

A. start, has reached

B. started, had reached

C. started, has reached

D. started, have reached

After I ____________________ my homework I watched the TV.

A. had done

B. had did

C. have done

D. done

I needed to know what ______________ to my dog.

A. has happened

B. had happened

C. happened

The film ________________ by the time we got to the cinema.

A. had start

B. started

C. has started

D. had started

We ________ finished eating dinner.

A. had not

B. not had

C. ‘d had not

D. ‘s had not

Had they _____ to her before?

A. spoke

B. spoken

C. spoked

D. speaking

Nobody explained why the project had ________ on time.

A. complete

B. not completed

C. n’t complete

D. n’t been completed

My sister washed up the plates after she _____ (have) her lunch.

A. have had

B. has had

C. have

D. had had


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