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Past Perfect Tense and Past Tense Quiz


We … … …. (not, go) to a concert even though we bought the ticket.

A. had not went

B. have not gone

C. had not gone

D. had gone

E. had been gone

Last night I started to study at 07:30. Dian came at 07:35, I … …. (study) when Dian came.

A. had studied

B. have studied

C. had study

D. have been study

E. has been studied

Before you came, I ____ to make a dessert.

A. Have planned

B. Have plan

C. Had been planning

D. Has a plan

Tina … …. (know) the story before Erick told her.

A. Had know

B. have know

C. has know

D. had known

E. have been known

I went to bed after I… the television.

A. switched

B. has switched

C. had switched

D. have switching

Julia left the restaurant after she……eating.

A. had have finished

B. had finished

C. have finish

D. has finished

When I …. (arrive) at cinema, the movie had started.

A. was arriving

B. will arrive

C. arrived

D. were arrived

E. is arrived

I didn’t like the apartment. It was much smaller than I ______at first.

A. Had think

B. Had thought

C. Have thought

D. Has think

The car ___ ten times before it landed on its roof.

A. Had flipped

B. Has been flipping out

C. Flip

D. Has been flipping

When we were in elementary school, we ……… (not/learn) past perfect tense before we got English course.

A. have learnt

B. had not learnt

C. were learning

D. have not been learnt

Rafael Nadal _____________ a US Open before he turned 35 years old.

A. earned

B. win

C. had won

D. winned

The students of XI MIPA class ……. the material in PPT for two times before they finished this quiz.

A. had read

B. read

C. is reading

D. was reading

By the end of 1932, they ____ their farm and moved to the city.

A. Had already lost

B. Had lost already

C. Lost

D. Have been losing

It had begun to rain when I ____

A. Had gone out

B. Went out

C. Was going out

D. I have gone out

Had you _________ been to Lisbon? Before learning Portuguese?

A. ever

B. never

C. already

D. since

____ before the participant came?

A. Had left

B. Had leaved

C. Had the room been brighter

D. Had the room brighter

……. you…… (motivate) yourself to face this English competition ?

A. Did – motivate

B. Have – motivated

C. Had – motivated

D. Has – motivated

I … …. …. (already, eat) my dinner when he called.

A. have already eaten

B. has already eaten

C. had already eaten

D. will already eaten

E. was already eaten

… Mario …. (sleep) before I came?

A. had, slept

B. will, slept

C. was, slept

D. have, sleep

E. had, sleep


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