Grammar Quiz

Past, Present, Future Quiz


She will dance tomorrow at 11 : 30 AM. The negative form is

A. She didnt dance tomorrow

B. She wont dance tomorrow

My sistem and her friend ____ for their assignment at 9 : 30

A. Painted

B. Paint

C. Did paint

He will Sleep ____ 10:20 PM

A. At

B. Will

C. Are

Kayla ___ to draw
(And again-)

A. Like

B. Likes

C. Liked

Ayman ___ Play soccer at 7:20 PM
(And again-)

A. Will

B. Are gonna

C. Is

Me and my brother study for exam. The negative form is

A. Me and my brother didnt study

B. Me and my brother not study

Hana and savanah fought yesterday
The negativisme form is ….

A. Hana and Savanah didnt fought yesterday

B. Hana and Savana didnt fight yesterday

C. Hana and Savanah doesnt fight yesterday

Zhilzi and Adel eat Wafers ____
(And again I used my friends name sorry T_T)

A. Yesterday

B. Tomorrow

C. Today

Sam and Keyaan ____ angry
(sorry have to use their name I dont have any ideas for name XD)

A. Is

B. Are

C. Am

Elizabeth and Josh ____ basketball last week

A. Play

B. Played

C. Will play

We ___ Chicken Nuggets Yesterday

A. Eat

B. Ate

C. Eaten

I went to Singapore ____

A. Tomorrow

B. Next year

C. Last year

She will go to a Aquarium …

A. Next month

B. Last month

C. Today

Verb 2 From Sing

A. sung

B. sang

C. singing

I __ exercise next week

A. Will

B. Am

C. Was


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