Grammar Quiz

Past Simple and Continuous Quiz


Snow … lightly. Suddenly a reindeer appeared

A. is falling

B. was falling

C. falls

They …to the park because they were very tired

A. didn’t walk

B. not walked

C. walked

John wanted to … work yesterday but he was sick

A. go

B. went

C. gone

He … see a dentist yesterday because he had a toothache

A. wants to

B. wanted to

C. wanted

My classmate and I … our teacher a question about the text.

A. asked

B. was asking

C. ask

My brother and sister …. playing tennis at 11 a.m yesterday.

A. was

B. is

C. were

….you still working at 7pm last night?

A. was

B. are

C. were

At 8:30am today I … driving to work

A. were

B. was

C. wasn’t

Was he not…his homework?

A. was do

B. doing

C. done

D. do

(A): Did you … the book?

(B): No, I…

A. finishing/wasn’t

B. finish/weren’t

C. finish/ didn’t

She didn’t answer the phone because she… hear it ring.

A. didn’t

B. wasn’t

C. weren’t

I was reading a detective story … I heard a noise.

A. when

B. during

C. while


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