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Past Simple and Past Progressive Quiz


What ________________(they/do) at 10pm last night – it was really noisy? [ . ]

A. did they do

B. were they doing

C. was they doing

D. do they do

Susie ____________ (watch) a film when she _________ (hear) the noise.

A. watched / was hearing

B. watching / heard

C. watched / was hearing

D. was watching / heard

He ____________ (live) in Russia when the Revolution __________ (start).

A. lived / was starting

B. was living / was starting

C. was living / started

D. lived / started

At 7pm yesterday, we ____________ (listen) to music.

A. listen

B. was listening

C. listened

D. were listening

When her train ____________ (get) to the station, we ________ (wait) on the platform.

A. got / were waiting

B. was getting / were waiting

C. got / waited

D. was getting / waited

When you _________ (arrive) at the party, who _____________ (be) there?

A. were arriving / was

B. arrived / was

C. was arriving / were

D. arrived / was being

What _____________(you/do) when I __________(call) you last night?

A. did you do/ called

B. were you doing / called

C. were you / called

D. were you doing / was calling

It ______________(be) a day last September. The sun _________ (shine) and the birds _________(sing) . I ______________(walk) along the street when I _____________ (meet) an old friend.

A. was / was shinning / sang / was walking / met

B. was / was shinning / were singing/ was walking / met

C. was / shone / sang / walked / met

D. was being / was shinning / were singing / was walking / met

We ___________ (play) tennis when John ___________ (hurt) his ankle.

A. were playing / hurt

B. played / hurt

C. was playing / hurt

D. played tennis / hurting

He __________ (be) so annoying! He _____________ (always leave) his things everywhere.

A. was / always left

B. was / always leaves

C. was / was always leaving

D. is / was always leaving

On holiday we ______________ (visit) Rome, __________ (see) the Vatican, and ______________ (spend) a few days at the beach.

A. visited / saw / spent

B. were visiting / saw / spent

C. were visiting / were seeing / were spending

D. visited / were seeing / spent

When I ___________(walk) into the room, everyone _________ (work).

A. was walking / worked

B. walked / worked

C. was walking / was working

D. walked / working

He ____________(take) a shower when the telephone ________(ring).

A. was taking / was ringing

B. took / rang

C. took / was ringing

D. was taking / rang

Yesterday I___________ (go) to the library, next I __________ (have) a swim, later I ___________(meet) Julie for coffee.

A. went / was having / met

B. was going / had / met

C. went / had / met

D. went / had / was meeting

When I _______________(leave) the house, it____________ (snow).

A. left / was snowing

B. leaving / was snowing

C. was leaving / snowed

D. left / snowed

Why__________ (stand) on a chair when I___________ (come) into the room?

A. did you stand / was coming

B. were you standing / was coming

C. stood / came

D. were you standing / came

They ____________(live) in Germany when they _________(be) young.

A. were living / were

B. lived / were

C. lived / were being

D. were living / was

I______________ (sit) in a cafe when you ___________ (call) .

A. sat / were calling

B. was sitting / called

C. sitting / were calling

D. sat / called

He ____________(work) in a bank when he _______________(meet) his wife.

A. worked / was meeting

B. was working / was meeting

C. worked / met

D. was working / met

He _________(be) in the shower when the telephone _______ (ring).

A. was being / rang

B. was going / rang

C. was / rang

D. was / was ringing


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