Grammar Quiz

Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Quiz


We ______ the presentation and then went to the social dinner.

A. watched

B. had watched

The presentation ________ when I got there.

A. already finished

B. had already finished

I ______ to the mosque so I decided to go and see something else.

A. was

B. had been

I ______ when the hotel fire alarm went off.

A. slept

B. was sleeping

“English for Writing Research Papers” is the one book that I wish had existed when I ______ my own research!

A. conducted

B. was conducting

They ______ in Paris first, then Bonn, and then they moved to Prague.

A. lived

B. were living

We ______ with them on a few occasions.

A. collaborated

B. were collaborating

What ______ after you had been to the mosque?

A. did you do

B. were you doing

They all ______ talking when the professor came into the hall.

A. stopped

B. had stopped

I ______ whether you might need more time to finish the research.

A. wondered

B. was wondering

They didn’t want to do anything until they ______ her the news.

A. told

B. had told


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