Grammar Quiz

Past Simple & Past Perfect Quiz


She ________ (know) the answers to all the exercises.

A. didn’t know

B. wasn’t knowing

I ______ (close) the door and realized I ______ (forget) my bag.

A. closed / had forgotten

B. had closed / was forgetting

She ________ (arrive) on time so she couldn’t take the plane.

A. wasn’t arriving

B. didn’t arrive

She didn’t pass the English exam even though she ______ (study) every evening.

A. had studied

B. was studying

Yesterday, she _______ (go) to the post-office.

A. was going

B. went

The thieves _______ (choose) a quiet time. The street _____ (be) quiet.

A. were choosing / was

B. had chosen / was

They ______ (be) busy yesterday. They ________ (have) much work to do.

A. weren’t / didn’t have

B. weren’t / weren’t having

I ______ (make) dinner when I got home.

A. made

B. was making

I _______ (hear) the phone because I _________ (work) in the garden.

A. wasn’t hearing / was working

B. didn’t hear / was working

I _______ (get) a job until I __________ (leave) university.

A. wasn’t getting / had left

B. didn’t get / had left

In 1450, they _______ (have) phones, cars or the internet.

A. hadn’t had

B. didn’t have

It took a long time but after I _______ (save) enough money, I ________ (bought) a car.

A. had saved / bought

B. was saving / had bought

The children _______ (play) in the garden while I __________ (make) dinner.

A. had played / made

B. were playing / was making

After she ________ (tell) the police officers, she ________ (feel) much better.

A. had told / felt

B. told / were feeling

He hurt his leg when he _____ (play) football.

A. was playing

B. had played

I __________ (know) my husband before we ________ (meet) at a party.

A. wasn’t knowing / were meeting

B. didn’t know / met

By the time, the waiter _____ (bring) our drinks, we __________ (finish) our food!

A. brought / had already finished

B. had brought / were already finished

They _____ (spend) all their money before the holiday was finished.

A. were spending

B. had spent

France _____ (win) the football World Cup in 2019.

A. won

B. had won

I _______ (saw) the man as I _______ (cross) the road.

A. saw / was crossing

B. was seeing / was crossing


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