Grammar Quiz

Past Simple, Present Perfect Tense Quiz


(you/ever/meet) _________ a famous person before?

A. has you ever met

B. have you ever met

C. have you ever meet

D. did you ever meet

E. did you ever met

‘Is Ilham here?’ ‘No. He (not/come) _________ yet.

A. did not come

B. did not came

C. not came

D. has not come

E. have not come

My best friend’s name is Fatima. I ______________ her for about 8 years.

A. have known

B. knew

Steven ________________ seven movies so far this month.

A. saw

B. will see

C. has seen

D. will have seen

you – ? – Chinese – Have – food – ever – eaten

A. You have Chinese ever eaten food?

B. Have you ever eaten Chinese food?

C. Chinese food you have ever eaten?

D. you have ever Chinese eaten food?

My friend is a writer. She (write) _________ five books so far.

A. wrote

B. has written

C. have written

D. has wrote

E. written

He ______________ the guitar for a few months, but stopped last week.

A. has played

B. played

I _____ (not see) him for three years. I wonder where he is.

A. had not seen

B. has not seen

C. have not seen

D. have not see

Last December, I (see) ________________ snow for the first time in my life.

A. saw

B. seen

C. have seen

D. has seen

E. have been seen

I ________________ learning English today.

A. started

B. have just started

(you/see) _________ the teacher last week?

A. have you seen

B. have you saw

C. did you see

D. did you saw

E. has you seen

In 2016, we (not/join) _________ the tennis competition in our town.

A. has not joined

B. have not joined

C. did not joined

D. did not join

E. have not join

My family … to Wonosobo in 2014. We … there for 6 years.

A. move; live

B. are moving; are living

C. moved; lived

D. moved; have lived

How many times (she/watch) _________ the film?

A. has she watched

B. have she watched

C. did she watch

D. did she watched

E. has she watch

My little brother (cut) _____ his finger with a knife. He is still crying now.

A. have cuted

B. has cuted

C. have cut

D. has cut

E. cut

The girls (have/not) _____ their lunch yet.

A. had

B. did not have

C. not had

D. has not had

E. have not had

A: Hi, Syerina. Welcome to the party. (Meet, you, ever) _______________________ my cousin?

B: No, I have not.

A. have you ever met

B. have you ever meet

C. had you ever met

D. do you ever meet

My grand grandfather passed away 5 years ago. He (not/come) _________ to my graduation day.

A. has not come

B. have not come

C. has not came

D. did not come

E. did not came


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