Grammar Quiz

Past Simple Tense Quiz


We_____ to the movies twice a month.

A. go

B. goes

C. went

D. going

The police ___________ me on my way home last night.

A. stops

B. stopped

It was cold, so I _____________ the window.

A. shut

B. shutted

What day …………………. yesterday?

A. were

B. was

C. is

D. are

Fasai _____ an English teacher. She _____ us on Mondays.

A. is … teacher

B. is … teaches

C. are … teacher

D. are … teaches

_____ you _____ a nice weekend in Paris?

A. Do … haing

B. Are … have

C. Did … having

D. Did … have

The bed was very uncomfortable. I ____________ sleep very well.

A. didn’t

B. wasn’t

He didn’t … me because I was behind the tree.

a) saw

b) see

c) sees

He (be)……………………………. a doctor two years ago.

A. was

B. is

C. are

D. were

Did you ……… to the cinema last weekend?

A. went

B. go

C. gone

D. going

Teddy _____ in class.

A. sleepy often is

B. is often sleep

C. is sleep often

D. is proposing

Sam _________ (go) to the cinema last night.

A. goed

B. went

C. go

D. gone

They __________ (study) English last week.

A. studyed

B. studied

C. studies

D. study

We had a great time and we … lots of fun and exciting things.

a) did

b) do

c) was did

My friends ______ a great time in Nha Trang last year.

A. have

B. has

C. had

D. haves

Now I _____ much more fun learning English than I _____ before the course.

A. have … have

B. had … had

C. have … had

D. having … have

_____ Ying _____ to me five minutes ago?

A. Does / talk

B. Did / talk

C. Does / talks

D. Did / talked

I (study)__________ French when I was a child.

A. studies

B. study

C. studied

D. were study

Where _______ you stay in London?

A. did

B. do

C. does

D. done

What _____ Somsri _____ on holiday last week?

A. does … do

B. does .. does

C. did … do

D. did … does

(A) … you a good student in school?

(B) Yes, I was.

a) Did

b) Were

c) Was

find ending sound /id/

A. naked

B. looked

C. cooked

D. shocked

A: _____ is that tall girl? B: She’s my friend, Ann.

A. What

B. Where

C. Who

D. When

The police (catch)___________ all three of the bank robbers last week. 

A. catched

B. catches

C. catch

D. caught

Einstein _____ the theory of relatively. (ข้อสอบ TOEIC)

A. proposes

B. proposed

C. will propose

D. is proposing


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