Grammar Quiz

Past Simple vs Present Simple Quiz


He _________ to the park every week.

A. doesn’t go

B. don’t go

C. isn’t going

D. didn’t go

In 2019, I ________ at Ratchaborikanukoh school.

A. study

B. studies

C. studied

D. were

Bryan ________ in a factory 2 years ago.

A. works

B. worked

C. earns

D. earned

The bed was very uncomfortable. I _______ sleep well last night.

A. don’t

B. do

C. did

D. didn’t

I _______ in Thailand in 1998.

A. came

B. come

C. live

D. lived

My grandfather _______ money from fruits every month.

A. earns

B. earned

C. earn

D. earning

They always __________ (visit) the museum.

A. visit

B. visits

C. visited

D. visiting

Two years ago, he _______ in a big house, but now he __________ in a small house.

A. lives / lives

B. lives / live

C. lived / lives

D. lived / lived

teach (Verb 1)

_______ (Verb 2)

A. taught

B. though

C. thought

D. tough

Which sentence is Past simple tense?

A. She is interested in English.

B. They play ROV every day.

C. I grew food for selling 2 years ago

D. Som is eating breakfast now.

How often _______ Jack visit you?

A. does

B. do

C. did

D. ดู

We use Past simple tense to talk about

A. Future action

B. Habitual action

C. Completed action

D. Continuous action

Bryan _________ skyscrapers last year.

A. grew

B. grows

C. builds

D. built

Does he work in the factory?

A. Yes, he did.

B. Yes, he does.

C. Yes, she did

D. Yes, she does.

At the pool, they _______ there every Friday.

A. go

B. goes

C. went

D. gone


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