Grammar Quiz

Past Tenses Quiz


They __________ (already / finish) discussing the new project when I arrived.

A. had already finished

B. have already finished

C. were already finished

D. already finished

I ____________ (to finish) my presentation by the time boss arrived.

A. had finished

B. finished

C. was finishing

Last year we _________ (to introduce) a number of new products and _____________ (to announce) record profits.

A. were introducing… were announcing

B. `introduced… announced

C. have introduced… have announced

D. had introduced… had announced

He ____________ (already / leave) when I arrived.

A. has already left

B. had already left

C. was already left

After I arrived, I ___________ (to have) dinner with my family.

A. had

B. had had

C. was having

When I arrived, they ____________ (to discuss) the new project. (they were in the middle of it, they started before I arrived)

A. had discussed

B. were discussing

C. discussed

When I ________ (go out) of the house, the sun __________ (to shine) and the birds __________ (to sing).

A. went out… was shining… were singing

B. had gone out… shoone… sang

C. went out… shone… sang

I _______________English all afternoon yesterday.

A. learnt

B. was learning

C. were learning

D. had learnt

Alexander Graham Bell ____________ the telephone.

A. did invented

B. invented

C. was invented

Where _____ you _____ this car?

A. was … buy

B. did … bought

C. did … buy

D. have … buy

The standards of living in Europe ___________up during the 1960s.

A. had done

B. had gone

C. went

D. had went

While I ___________TV, mother __________ and my sister __________ the table.

A. watched… cooked… laid

B. was watching… was cooking… was laying

C. had watched… had cooked… had laid

He _____________ (to write) a report by 6 o’clock yesterday.

A. had written

B. has written

C. wrote

D. was writing

I _________ up, _________ and _________ breakfast.

A. was getting … was dressing… was having

B. got… dressed … had

C. had got… dressed… had

D. had got… had dressed… had had

It ____________ (still / rain) when the dam broke.

A. still rained

B. still had rained

C. was still raining

I ______________ (still / have) breakfast when he rang me up.

A. still had

B. still had had

C. was still having

It _____________ (to rain) all day yesterday.

A. rained

B. was raining

C. were raining

D. had rained

They ___________ (to leave) at half past ten.

A. had left

B. left

C. was leaving

When I arrived, they ___________ (already / to have) dinner. (= they finished it before I arrived)

A. had already had

B. have already had

C. already had

D. was already had

When we went out, it ____________ (already / to stop) snowing.

A. already stopped

B. had already stopped

C. was already stopped

D. was already stopping


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