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Past Tenses Quiz


Alan _____(look) out of the window when he_____ (see) a UFO.

A. was looking/saw

B. looked/ saw

C. was looking / seen

D. looked/ was seeing

Although Sam spent four years studying maths, he ____ it very well.

A. wasn’t understanding

B. didn’t understood

C. didn’t understand

Which tense is used to describe a sequence of events?

A. Past Simple

B. Past Continuous

C. Past Perfect

D. Past Perfect Continuous

They ____________________ each other before they knew me.

A. had known

B. have knew

C. knew

D. has known

Linda _____ anything because she was full.

A. weren’t eat

B. wasn’t eat

C. didn’t eat

D. doesn’t eat

While I _____(drive), I _____(have) an accident.

A. drived/had

B. was driving/ had

C. drove / was having

D. drove/ had

The children…………….  their homework when I got home.

A. were doing

B. had been doing

C. had done

D. did

to talk about a long-term situations in the past which are no longer true

A. past simple

B. past continuous

The students _____ (play) cards when the teacher _____ (come) in.

A. were playing / came

B. was playing/was coming

C. played / were coming

D. played/ came

After years as a classroom assistant, Alicia finally ___ a teacher.

A. become

B. became

C. did became

Daniela was looking for me, while I was on the classroom.

A. simple past

B. past continuous

C. past perfect

I thought I was marrying a man who _____________ a lifestyle similar to mine.

A. have chosen

B. had chosen

C. has chosen

D. have not meet

When I started playing the guitar, John ………. it for 10 years.

A. had already been playing

B. was already playing

How many pictures _________ while you ___________ around Ireland?

A. did you take/ travelled

B. were you taking/ were travelling

C. were you taking/ travelled

D. did you take/ were travelling

He … (loose) much weight by the end of the year.

A. had lost

B. lost

C. were losing

D. had been losing

I just heard about the accident. ________ been working all night?

A. Had the driver

B. Had the driving

C. Have the driver

D. Did the driver

The police arrested him because he _____ a gun.

A. carried

B. was carrying

C. had carried

‘So what happened?’

‘We … through the woods when we heard a gunshot,’

A. had walked

B. walked

C. were walking

Which tense is used to describe a longer action is interrupted by a shorter action?

A. Past Simple

B. Past Continuous

C. Past Perfect

D. Past Perfect Continuous

While driving to work he realized that he … to take his USB drive with him.

A. forgot

B. has forgotten

C. had forgotten

I _____ the bus yesterday.

A. can’t catch

B. didn’t catch

C. not catch

D. weren’t catch

I wish I ….this girl. But I don`t know her.

A. knew

B. Know

C. had known

D. is known

When …. his new laptop?

A. did he bought

B. did he buy

C. does he bought

D. was he buy

Which tense is used to describe the duration of an action before another action that happened?

A. Past Simple

B. Past Continuous

C. Past Perfect

D. Past Perfect Continuous

to talk about simgle past completed actions.

Often the time is mentioned.

A. past simple

B. past continuous


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