Perfect Modals Quiz


You _________ (clean) your room. The housekeeper would’ve tidied it up for you.

A. needn’t have cleaned

B. could have cleaned

C. must have cleaned

D. couldn’t have cleaned

I’m not sure where the boss went this morning. He __ (go) to our other branch office in Glendale.

A. may have gone

B. should have gone

C. would have gone

He __ committed the crime, as he had both the motive and the opportunity.

A. can’t have

B. could have

C. would have

You __ gone to Dan’s party – it was fantastic!

A. must have

B. should have

C. would have

You did well on the exams. You _____________ (study) a lot.

A. shouldn’t have studied

B. needn’t have studied

C. can’t have studied

D. must have studied

I think they __ got lost – surely they’d be here by now!

A. can have

B. should have

C. must have

I _______burned my finger.  I ______been playing with the lighter.
A. shouldn’t have – could  have
B. might have – shouldn’t have
C. couldn’t  have –  should have
D. could have – shouldn’t have

That smart girl studied a lot, so she __ (do) well on the test, but she didn’t.

A. may have done

B. should have done

C. must have done

If you wanted to stay in that hotel you ____ booked before!

A. could have

B. might have

C. should have

Uh-oh, you broke Dad’s favorite pool cue. You __ (not / do) that – you’re going to be in big trouble.

A. may not have done

B. must not have done

C. shouldn’t have done


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