Grammar Quiz

Phrasal Verb Quiz


Zhi Ning ___singing even after the music had stopped.

A. keep on

B. keep in

C. keep up

D. keep out

Jesisca __________________ a new recipe in that magazine.

A. come up

B. come over

C. come across

D. come around

Jing Xuan ___ her mother’s hat.

A. put on

B. put down

C. put off

D. put over

Miss Win ___ the grammar mistakes I had made in my essay.

A. point in

B. point out

C. point off

D. point up

We _______________ our grandmother’s house every weekend.

A. drop off

B. drop by

C. drop over

D. drop in

Please ____ a minute. I’ll be ready to leave soon.

A. hold out

B. hold in

C. hold up

D. hold on

Xin Theng ___ four new dresses in the boutique.

A. try on

B. tryon

C. try in

D. tryin

Joe Meng ___ well with her neighbours.

A. get off

B. get along

C. get up

D. get down

We must ____________________ with our work until our teacher come back.

A. carry out

B. carry into

C. carry on

D. carry in

We must all ______ our projects by next week.

A. hand off

B. hand along

C. hand out

D. hand in

The football match was _________________ because of bad weather.

A. call on

B. call in

C. call off

D. call out

Qiao Quan ___ my plants while I was away.

A. look up

B. look in

C. look before

D. look after


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