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Phrasal Verb Quiz


Jesisca __________________ a new recipe in that magazine.

A. come up

B. come over

C. come across

D. come around

Please do not ______________ the outing just because I am sick as the children have been looking forward to it for a long time. 

A. give up

B. call off

C. give in

D. cut off

Zhi Ning ___singing even after the music had stopped.

A. keep on

B. keep in

C. keep up

D. keep out

We must all ______ our projects by next week.

A. hand off

B. hand along

C. hand out

D. hand in

During the June holidays, I plan to _______________ painting. I hope to decorate my room with my own artwork!

A. back up

B. pick up

C. show up

D. take up

Qiao Quan ___ my plants while I was away.

A. look up

B. look in

C. look before

D. look after

You should ________________ for pickpockets, especially when you are in crowded areas. 

A. cry out

B. leave out

C. watch out

D. put out

We must ____________________ with our work until our teacher come back.

A. carry out

B. carry into

C. carry on

D. carry in

As we were unable to pay the bills, the telephone company __________ us _________ .

A. cry…out

B. leave….out

C. cut…off

D. put…off

We waited for hours, but she never _______________! She had better have a very good excuse. 

A. take up

B. show up

C. break up

D. back up

My sister ______________ the candles on her cake. 

A. blew up

B. blew out

C. backed down

D. backed out

Mr and Mrs Wong ____________ their plans of moving to a bigger house until the following year.

A. call off

B. put off

C. show off

D. cut off

The signal got ______________ in the middle of our phone conversation and now I can’t contact him. 

A. blown off

B. called off

C. cut off

D. put off

Fazree …………. some money for his kid’s future.

A. set away

B. set up

C. set off

D. set aside

We _______________ our grandmother’s house every weekend.

A. drop off

B. drop by

C. drop over

D. drop in

Which phrasal verb would fit in these two sentences ?

1) If we come across a word we do not know , we should _________ the meaning of the word in the dictionary.

2) Nick Vujicic is someone to ___________ to because he does not let his physical shortcomings restrict him from living life to the fullest.

A. look in

B. look on

C. look up

D. look out

The competition is tomorrow. Everyone is counting on you. You can’t _______________ now!

A. back down

B. back out

C. back away

D. back up

Joe Meng ___ well with her neighbours.

A. get off

B. get along

C. get up

D. get down

Jing Xuan ___ her mother’s hat.

A. put on

B. put down

C. put off

D. put over

Julie is very good at playing basketball and wants to _____________ for a place in the national team.

A. try in

B. try out

C. try up

D. try on

Mr Tan wants more volunteers to _____________ the fund-raising project. 

A. break up

B. give up

C. back up

D. catch up

My washing machine _______________ last week. I need to get it repair. 

A. broke up

B. broke down

C. blew up

D. blew out

Pina ran as fast as lightning because her flight will………. in 5 minutes.

A. take over

B. take up

C. take away

D. take off

If you don’t use this weekend to ______________ on your revision, you will probably fail your English Test. 

A. back up

B. catch up

C. pick up

D. take up

The football match was _________________ because of bad weather.

A. call on

B. call in

C. call off

D. call out


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