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Phrasal Verb Quiz


I need to _____ my jacket before we go outside.

A. put on

B. put off

C. put up

Sit ……, please . I’ll be with you in a minute .

A. down

B. up

Ignore her, she is just trying to _________________ her dancing skills. 

A. show off

B. put off

C. cut off

D. call off

Do you get ___________well with your parents?

A. better

B. along

C. worse

D. divorced

I …………….. her for what she has achieved, but I would have approached it very different.

A. look down on

B. look out for

C. look up to

D. look in for

We’re …. BTS and we always listen to their music

A. Get on

B. Crazy about

C. Bad at

D. Grow up

We _______________ our grandmother’s house every weekend.

A. drop off

B. drop by

C. drop over

D. drop in

We‘ve just put ______ a new heating system.

A. on

B. in

C. out

He died ____ heart disease.

A. from

B. because

C. of

D. in

You should ________________ for pickpockets, especially when you are in crowded areas. 

A. cry out

B. leave out

C. watch out

D. put out

James was strong enough to ____________his illness.

A. get over

B. get through

C. get off

D. get back

There were about 100 applicants for the position. After the first interview, the comittee …..the list of the candidates to 20

A. Narrowed down

B. Held down

C. Put download

D. slowed down

They’ve _____ a new tower where that old building used to be.

A. put up

B. put down

C. pushed up

D. pushed down

They were married for 25 years, but they got _________ last year.

A. lost

B. divorced

C. married

D. angry

Don’t give …… singing. You are very talented .

A. down

B. up

All the science students were trying to ……an experiment in the school lab, öne of the tubes suddenly Explorer.

A. Carry out

B. Make up for

C. Pull through

D. Point out

She ________ talking for hours!

A. took on

B. took in

C. got through

D. went on

The police have to …… a very extensive investigation.

A. bring up

B. check out

C. call for

D. carry out

We’ve put ______ our application for the house. 

A. in

B. down

C. away

A dishwasher is an important labour saving _____ for the busy housewife.

A. engine

B. draft

C. device

D. piece

E. instrument

I could not come early because my car,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I came by bus.

A. break out

B. break away

C. broke off

D. broke down

It’s time to forget the past and ……………….

A. look out

B. look up

C. look ahead

D. look towards

I couldn’t……who was coming towards me in the thick fog.

A. Give in

B. Wipe out

C. Make out

D. Get on

He looks ……………….. his colleagues because he thinks he’s better than they are.

A. at

B. down on

C. up to

D. out for

Mom puts ______ her shopping list on a piece of paper.

A. in

B. up

C. down


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