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Phrasal Verbs Quiz


……..your coat. It`s too cold outside.

A. put on

B. take off

C. turn up

D. turn down

Terry was talking to his grandfather. ‘_____, Terry,’ his grandfather said. ‘I’m a bit deaf and I can’t hear you.’

A. Speak out

B. Speak on

C. Speak off

D. Speak up

I’ve …. a security system on my computer.

A. set in

B. set up

C. clicked up

D. clicked on

They’ve           a new tower where that old building used to be.

A. put up

B. put down

C. put on

D. put up with

The technician _____________________ a lot of difficulties when he tried to fix our internet connection.

A. came up with

B. came into

C. came down with

D. came across

Young people often ________ the latest news better than young people.

A. keep up with

B. come up with

C. stay up with

D. do up with

If I want to lose weight after lockdown, I will have to ________________ on eating so much chocolate.

A. cut up

B. cut down

C. cut across

D. cut over

As it turns out, John didn’t get the job in Advertising -he is going to Australia for a gap year instead.

A. Turn Out

B. Turn Up

C. Give Up

Could you please pick me ______ after school?

– Sure! No problem

A. on

B. out

C. up

D. over

When I read the book I came _______________ a word I had never seen before.

A. into

B. across

C. off

D. over

My dad told me to put _____ my clothes. He said my room was very messy.

A. up

B. away

C. back

Bary has come ____ some good suggestions for raising the money we need.

A. onto                       

B. up with   

C. round to     

D. across with

look up to

A. stay in the same place as

B. to feel superior

C. to despise sb else

D. to respect sb else

The police are still looking for the three prisoners who ______ (escaped from) jail at the weekend.

A. broke out of

B. set off

C. take up

D. cross out

If you really want to lose weight, you need to ______ eating desserts.

A. give away

B. give up

C. put off

D. take off

I’ve reserved a taxi for tomorrow. It will _____ at 6:00 a.m.

A. pick up

B. pick up us

C. pick us up

I spent most of my youth hanging _____ the bars of Dublin.

A. out

B. on

C. up

D. around

A: I have some papers for the class. Mi, would you please hand ___ for me? B: I’d be happy to.

A. it in

B. them out

C. it out

D. them in

My puppy died last month and I can’t get ……………….. it.

A. on

B. over

C. through

What may happen if John will not arrive in time?

A. go along

B. go out

C. put on

D. turn up

The meeting had to be ___________until a later date.

A. put away

B. put on

C. put off

D. put up

He was convicted of using the firm’s money to pay ____ his gambling. 

A. in                           

B. off                          

C. back                       

D. towards 

There used to be a shopping center near my house but it______ due to the corona virus pandemic.

A. turned up

B. faced up

C. turned down

D. closed down

Run out

A. To  feel happier, or to cause someone to feel happier

B. To become friendly with  because they think that they will benefit in some way

C. To begin to feel happy and relaxed in a new situation, home, job, or school

D. To use all of something and not have any more left

I’ve always got _____ well with old people.

A. off

B. in

C. on

D. through


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