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Phrasal Verbs Quiz


The exam results will____________________ before the start of the school holidays

A. come up

B. come down

C. come out

D. come into

I can ______ with most things but I can’t stand noisy children.

A. put aside

B. put on

C. put up

D. put off

You _______ the radio or TV if it’s too loud.

A. turn down

B. turn up

C. turn on

D. try on

Julie visits her grandparents every day.They really ________ on her.

A. go

B. depend

C. suffer

D. take

OK. That’s settled. Let’s move…………..

A. out

B. on

C. away

D. up

I can’t hear you very well….can you speak _______ a bit?

A. up

B. out

C. to

Extension 286? I’ll ______ .

A. put you through

B. get you through

C. come you through

D. break into you

It took me a very long time to recover from the shock of her death.

A. turn off

B. take up

C. get over

D. keep up with

Parents bring _________ their kids the best way they know how.

A. out

B. about

C. up

D. in

Stop complaining and _____ your work!

A. get on with

B. get over

_______ the name of the medicine.

A. take off

B. lie down

C. look after

D. write down

My mum always asks me to _____________________ my little sister when she goes for a run.

A. take care of

B. look after to

C. look at

D. take care with

Remember our IT problem? Well, Carlos has come up with a great solution!

A. Look After

B. Come up with

C. Bring up

You can’t put…….this meeting anymore. You have to face the customer and tell him his demands are unrealistic.

A. off

B. away

C. out

D. on

Have you ever _____ such an unusual piece of art?

A. come forward

B. come across

The technician _____________________ a lot of difficulties when he tried to fix our internet connection.

A. came up with

B. came into

C. came down with

D. came across

I’ve decided to _____ sailing.

A. take on

B. take off

C. take up

D. turn up

We’re going to have to _____ our trip to Spain until September.

A. put up

B. put off

I want to ________ that woman

A. ask out

B. pull over

The house prices have ______________ down since lockdown began.

A. come over

B. come through

C. come down

D. come across

Could you please close _____ the restaurant this evening?

A. down

B. by

C. up

The nurse has to _________ the patients at the midnight.

A. look after

B. look up

C. look at

C. look for

Please turn _____ the volume. It’s hurting my ears.

A. down

B. up

C. in

He _____ his hat to show me his new haircut.

A. took off

B. took up

For me, the film didn’t ______ all the enthusiastic publicity it received.

A. come up

B. live up

C. turn up to

D. live up to


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