Phrasal Verbs Quiz


Did you find _____ the problem?

A. out

B. at

C. in

D. up

It’s cold. Would you like to put _____a sweater?

A. down

B. up

C. off

D. on

Do you mind if I _____ (remove) this bin.

A. take on

B. take up

C. take away

D. take down

The Firefighter is trying to _____ fire.

A. blow out

B. give out

Blow up

A. Explode

B. Extinguished

C. Escape

Check up

A. recover from

B. examine

C. continue

What time do you wake _____ in the morning?

A. on

B. up

C. in

D. at

_______ the name of the medicine.

A. take off

B. lie down

C. look after

D. write down

A man was knocked ______ by a car and taken to hospital.

A. over

B. out

C. down

Could you ________ the music? I have a headache.

A. write down

B. turn down

C. wake up

D. pick up


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