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Phrasal Verbs and Verb Forms Quiz


He (tell) _______ me that he (see) _______ a lion.

A. tell/ saw

B. told/ was seeing

C. tell/ seen

D. told/ had seen

Whole villages have been ________ by the floods.

A. wiped out

B. turned down

C. lit up

D. urged on

Mr. Pike is very good at making____ story to tell his children at bedtime.

A. in

B. up

C. on

D. at

Her mother ordered her (not go)__________ out with him  the night before..

A. not to go

B. to not go

C. do not go

D. not going

The bank robber threatened (shoot)________   the clerk if he moved.

A. shooting

B. to shoot

C. shot

D. will shoot

They (sell) _______ everything before they (move)  _______ to Glasgow.

A. sold/ was moving

B. was selling/ move

C. has sold/ moved

D. had sold/ moved

I (watch) _______ TV when the lights (go) _______ out.

A. were watching / went

B. was watching / went

C. was watched/ went

D. had watched/ go

If you _____ down something, you try to make people believe that it is not important.

A. turn

B. write

C. play

D. put

She reminded me (phone)_____the police.

A. had phone

B. phone

C. to phone

D. has phone

After he (find) _______ the key, he (open) _______ the door.

A. found/ was opening

B. has found/ was opening

C. had found / opened

D. was finding/ open

The boy _____ off his jacket and put it _____.

A. took / away

B. take / on

C. kept / away

D. took / off

They ________ my suggestion, which made me upset.

A. turn down

B. look up to

C. run into

D. turned down

The fireworks went _____ in all their colors and_____up the sky.

A. on / lit

B. off / lit

C. on/ turn

D. off / turn

After he (finish) _______ school, he (start)  _______ to work in a factory.

A. had finished / started

B. finished /had started

C. was finishing / had started

D. finished / was started

The old lady was ________ down when she crossed the street.

A. knocked

B. broken

C. go

D. put

I advised her (think) ________about that example again  because it needed (correct)_______.

A. to think/ corrected

B. to think/ correcting

C. think/ corrected

D. thinking/ correcting

She leans ________ her husband for advice.

A. into

B. in

C. at

D. on

You made me disappointed. I would like you not to _____ me ___any more.

A. let/down

B. break/ up

C. slow /down

D. go/ down

I  ________ my cousin, Peter, when I was on the way to school yesterday.

A. ran out

B. run out

C. ran into

D. took on

The coach warned the boys (not, swim)________ out too far  

A. not to swim

B. to not swim

C. not swimming

D. swim

The only teacher I ever _____to at school is my old English teacher.

A. made up

B. look down

C. look up

D. look for

We’d better _____ if we want to get there in time.

A. sped up

B. take up

C. speed up

D. turn down


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