Grammar Quiz

Places in Town Quiz


________ any parks on Green Street?

A. How many

B. Is there

C. Are there

There are _______ good restaurants here

A. any

B. some

C. much

There is ______ big house near the lake

A. a

B. any

C. an

Is there a post office next to the park? No,

A. it isn’t

B. there isn’t

C. there aren’t

_________ a cinema in your hometown?

A. Are there

B. How many

C. Is there

There is _______ old house next to the hospital

A. two

B. a

C. an

Are there _____ shops around here? Yes, there are

A. a

B. much

C. any

________ a park near the school? Yes, there is

A. Is there

B. Are there

C. Is any

I like watching films, but there ______ a cinema in this small town

A. aren’t

B. isn’t

C. is

There aren’t ______ cafés near my house

A. some

B. many

C. any

________ schools are there in this area?

A. How many

B. How much

C. Is any


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