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Poetry Quiz


Where would they be walking?

A. In the park

B. Along the river

C. In the shade

D. On the road

Who would look at his hurt hands?

A. Man gathering salt

B. Man killing whales

C. Boys picking rags

D. Gravediggers

Fisherman in the cold sea would not harm

A. Seahorses

B. Mermaids

C. Whales

D. Tortoises

The poet wants the entire humanity to

A. Keep talking

B. Keep running

C. Keep laughing

D. Keep still

What kind of a moment would it be when everyone is silent?

A. Terrible

B. Painful

C. Exotic

D. Unforgettable

Sudden strangeness is one of the following poetic devices

A. Simile

B. Personification

C. Alliteration

D. Repetition

We can learn a lesson from

A. The trees

B. Nature

C. Animals

D. Wars

Cold sea is which poetic device?

A. Personification

B. Transferred epithet

C. Metaphor

D. Alliteration

The poet advises the people not to speak

A. French

B. Spanish

C. Any language

D. English

What does man threaten himself with?

A. Death

B. Birth

C. Robbery

D. Suicide

The men in the clean clothes would be walking with their

A. Nephews

B. Enemies

C. Colleagues

D. Brothers

The poet appeals the readers to keep quiet for

A. 20 seconds

B. 1 hour

C. 30 seconds

D. 1 second

The types of wars the poet talks about are

A. Green wars, wars with gas, wars with fire

B. Verbal wars

C. Technological warfare

D. Nuclear wars

What according to the poet would interrupt the sadness of man’s life?

A. Great laughter

B. Huge silence

C. Arguments

D. Fights

The poet of ‘Keeping Quiet’ is

A. P.B Shelley

B. Vikram Seth

C. Pablo Neruda

D. Kamala Das


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