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Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Quiz


My name is Alex. What is _________ ?

A. your

B. yours

C. you’re

D. their

A: Who’s coming to dinner tonight?

B: My colleague Joan and ________ husband Jim.

A. yours

B. your

C. hers

D. her

This bird has broken ________ wing.

A. it’s

B. his

C. it

D. its

A: Elisabeth is looking for her umbrella. Is this it?

B: Yes, that’s ________ .

A. her

B. mine

C. hers

D. its

My computer is very old. ______ keyboard doesn’t work well.

A. It

B. Its

C. It’s

D. His

________ computer is a Mac, but ________ is a PC.

A. Your, mine

B. Yours, mine

C. Your, my

D. Yours, my

A: Is that your car in the driveway?

B: No. We parked ________ on the street.

A. theirs

B. ours

C. his

D. hers

These grammar books are different. ________ has 278 pages, but ________ has only 275.

A. Yours, mine

B. Your, my

C. Yours, my

D. Your, mine

Our house is very dirty, but _________ is very clean.

A. his

B. he

C. he’s

D. her

Julie has eaten her lunch already, but I’m saving ________ until later.

A. hers

B. her

C. my

D. mine

________ pencil is broken. Can I borrow ________?

A. Mine, yours

B. Your, mine

C. My, yours

D. Yours, mine

A: When are you two getting married?

B: Soon, and we are inviting all ________ friends, especially you.

A. their

B. your

C. our

D. its

We gave them ________ telephone number, and they gave us ________.

A. ours, their

B. our, their

C. ours, theirs

D. our, theirs

A: Is this my book?

B: No, it’s ________ . Yours is over there.

A. mine

B. my

C. yours

D. her

_____ father works in a bank.

A. Mine

B. My

C. Hers

D. Theirs


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