Grammar Quiz

Possessive Adjectives & Possessive Pronouns Quiz


My sister bought that new screw-driver. That is _______

A. her

B. she

C. Hers

D. mine

My brother doesn’t like _____ backpack. He says it’s awful

A. him

B. its

C. his

D. the

The blue sharpener isn’t my brother’s one. The green one is ____ sharpener

A. his

B. their

C. mine

D. him

What time does _____ English class start?

A. yours

B. you

C. your

D. my

That is ___ spoon! Yours is that one there!

A. my

B. mine

C. me

D. I

Is this _____ ball? Does it belong to you?

A. her

B. your

C. our

D. their

That drill is not theirs. It’s _______. We bought it yesterday!

A. ours

B. our

C. we

D. us

The cat was hungry and tired, so it ate all _____ food from _____ plate and fell asleep

A. he

B. his

C. it’s

D. its

No, that’s not _____. That racket is yellow and ____ is silver.

A. mine

B. my

C. your

D. him

_____ conga is next to his violin

A. our

B. ours

C. we

D. it

I don’t think that wrench is mine. I think it’s _____.

A. theirs

B. your

C. her

D. him

That hammer belongs to my neighbor. It’s ____ hammer

A. your

B. our

C. their

D. his


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