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Possessive Nouns Quiz


The house of Mrs. Rabbit needs cleaning.

A. Mrs. Rabbits house needs cleaning.

B. Mrs. Rabbit’s house needs cleaning.

C. Mrs. Rabbits’ house needs cleaning.

The dog that belongs to Sanju.

A. Sanju’s dog

B. Sanju’s belongs

C. Sanju dog

D. Dog’s Sanju

the leg of the table

A. the table’s leg

B. the tables’ leg

C. the tables’s leg

The webs of the two spiders were very sticky.

A. The spider’s webs were very sticky.

B. The spiders webs were very sticky.

C. The spiders’ webs were very sticky.

The fur of the cat was soft.

A. The cats fur was soft.

B. The cats’ fur was soft.

C. The cat’s fur was soft.

The truck of the man is blue.

A. The mans truck is blue.

B. The man’s truck is blue.

C. The boys’ truck is blue.

The desks of the kids are metal.

A. The kids’ desks are metal.

B. The kids desks are metal.

C. The kid’s desks are metal.

The candy of Adriana is pink.

A. Adrianas candy is pink.

B. Adriana’s candy is pink.

C. Adrianas’ candy is pink.

Many stories for children are about cats.

A. Many children’s stories are about cats.

B. Many childrens stories are about cats.

C. Many childrens’ stories are about cats.

The __________ handle is broken.

A. doors

B. door’s

C. doors’

the bone of the dog = ________________

A. the dog bone

B. the dogs’ bone

C. the dog’s bone

Find the possessive noun in the sentence.

The lion’s paw is hurt.

A. lion’s

B. paw

C. hurt

D. the

Raja is the owner of the car.

A. Cars’s Raja

B. Raja car

C. Raja’s car

D. Owners’ Rajas’

That ___________________ ears are huge.

A. elephant’s

B. elephants’

C. elephant

The books of the children have to be taken to the library.

A. The children’s books have to be taken to the library.

B. The childrens books have to be taken to the library.

C. The childrens’ books have to be taken to the library.

The feathers of that bird are missing.

A. That birds feathers are missing.

B. That birds’ feathers are missing.

C. That bird’s feathers are missing.

The feet of the mice are very tiny.

A. The mouse’ feet are very tiny.

B. The mices feet are very tiny.

C. The mice’s feet are very tiny.

The door of the classroom is broken.

A. The classrooms door is broken.

B. The classroom’s door is broken.

C. The classrooms’ door is broken.

The tooth of the boy was missing.

A. The boys tooth was missing.

B. The boys’ tooth was missing.

C. The boy’s tooth was missing.

the pencil of Homi = ________________

A. Homis’ pencil

B. Homi’s pencil

C. Homi pencil

The handles of the pots were missing.

A. The pots handles were missing.

B. The pots’ handles were missing.

C. The pot’s handles were missing.

The lunch of the family was ready to eat.

A. The family’s lunch was ready to eat.

B. The familys lunch was ready to eat.

C. The familys’ lunch was ready to eat.

Find the possessive noun in the sentence.

It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow.

A. It’s

B. dad’s

C. birthday

D. tomorrow

The toy of the dog was buried.

A. The dog’s toy was buried.

B. The dogs toy was buried.

C. The dogs’ toy was buried.

My __________ birthday is next week.

A. brothers

B. brother’s

C. brothers’


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