Possessive Nouns Quiz


The webs of the two spiders were very sticky.

A. The spider’s webs were very sticky.

B. The spiders webs were very sticky.

C. The spiders’ webs were very sticky.

The ears of the deer were floppy.

A. The deers ears were floppy.

B. The deer’s ears were floppy.

C. The deers’ ears were floppy.

The toy of the dog was buried.

A. The dog’s toy was buried.

B. The dogs toy was buried.

C. The dogs’ toy was buried.

The pencils of the kids are in the desk.

A. The kids’ pencils are in the desk.

B. The kid’s pencils are in the desk.

C. The kids pencils are desk.

The house of Mrs. Rabbit needs cleaning.

A. Mrs. Rabbits house needs cleaning.

B. Mrs. Rabbit’s house needs cleaning.

C. Mrs. Rabbits’ house needs cleaning.

The feathers of that bird are missing.

A. That birds feathers are missing.

B. That birds’ feathers are missing.

C. That bird’s feathers are missing.

Many stories for children are about cats.

A. Many children’s stories are about cats.

B. Many childrens stories are about cats.

C. Many childrens’ stories are about cats.

The legs of the chairs are all broken.

A. The chairs legs are all broken.

B. The chair’s legs are all broken.

C. The chairs’ legs are all broken.

The tooth of the boy was missing.

A. The boys tooth was missing.

B. The boys’ tooth was missing.

C. The boy’s tooth was missing.

The candy of Adriana is pink.

A. Adrianas candy is pink.

B. Adriana’s candy is pink.

C. Adrianas’ candy is pink.

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