Grammar Quiz

Possessive Pronouns Quiz


They have handed in their projects but we haven’t completed _________.

A. our

B. ours

This is not my pair of scissors. It is _____. Did you see ______?

A. mine/mine

B. yours/yours

C. mine/yours

D. yours/mine

I forgot to bring my coloured pencils. Aminah lent me ______.

A. his

B. hers

Mr. Cheng has a big bungalow on the hill. It is _______

A. his

B. hers

My uncle bought these storybooks. They are _____.

A. His

B. mine

The kites are____. They made them yesterday.

A. their

B. theirs

The electronic dictionary is ____, not ____.

A. he /her

B. his/hers

C. he/hers

D. his/her

Is this blue pen_______? Someone has mixed it up with ______.

A. your/mine

B. yours/my

C. yours/mine

D. your/my

Devin and I bought a storybook each but ______ is thicker than_____.

A. his,mine

B. his,yours

C. hers,mine

D. theirs,ours


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