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Prefixes Suffixes Quiz


Choose the word that contains a suffix.
‘Last winter was windy and cold.’

A. winter

B. cold

C. windy

D. Last

The prefix RE- means “again,” so if you REBUILD something, you:

A. build it for the first time

B. tear it down

C. build it again

D. fix it up

The turtle walked _______ (in a slow way) to the ocean.

A. slowful

B. slowly

C. slowness

D. slowable

My shoe is ________ (not tied).

A. retied

B. untied

C. distied

D. mistied

Which word would match the definition “able to believe”?

A. Disbelief

B. Believeable

C. Believed

D. Unbelieveable

What can sometimes happen to a word when a suffix is added?

A. the grammar function can change

B. it gets longer and more complicated

C. it can get confusing

Choose the word that contains a suffix.
‘The tall fearless firefighter went into the burning house.’

A. fearless

B. tall

C. went

D. house

What is a root?

A. base of a word

B. beginning part of a word

C. end part of a word

Jen _______ (dye) her hair blonde.

A. dying

B. dyeable

C. dyeful

D. dyed

What is a prefix?

A. base of a word

B. beginning part of a word

C. the end part of a word

Choose the word that contains a suffix.
‘The unhappy boy could run the fastest in his preschool.’

A. unhappy

B. could

C. fastest

D. preschool

What is a suffix?

A. the base of a word

B. the beginning part of a word

C. the end part of a word

Tommy _________ (does not like) peas.

A. relikes

B. dislikes

C. unlikes

D. mislikes

I am so ____________ (full of thanks) for such a loving family.

A. thankless

B. thanker

C. thankful

D. thanked

What does understandable mean?

A. without understanding

B. able to understand

C. cannot understand

D. full of understanding

I need to ________ (do again) the math problem I got incorrect.

A. undo

B. disdo

C. predo

D. redo

Un/in/im/dis mean

A. under

B. not

C. wrong

Someone is __________ (not active) when playing video games.

A. disactive

B. reactive

C. unactive

D. inactive

My homework packet is __________ (not finished).

A. refinished

B. unfinished

C. disfinished

D. misfinished

The broken toy is a _________ (without worth) piece of junk.

A. worthless

B. worthful

C. worthing

D. worthable

Choose the word that contains a prefix.

‘Antibacterial soap helps to keep my hands clean!’

A. anitbacterial

B. helps

C. soap

D. hands

What does the word nonfiction mean?

A. fiction AGAIN

B. AGAINST fiction

C. BEFORE fiction

D. NOT fiction

Did you see the _______ (full of color) rainbow in the sky?

A. colorable

B. colorful

C. colored

D. coloring

Some words have a prefix and a suffix.



Danielle is a __________ (without care) painter.

A. careful

B. caring

C. careless

D. careable


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