Pre-intermediate Quiz


Living in a small appartment costs less than living in a big house.
Living in a big house is _____________ than living in a small appartment.

a. less expensive

b. more expensive

c. as expensive

What’s this?
A.     Do the washing
B.    Do the washing-up

choose a word to complete the sentence:

“Wearing a mask can prevent you ____ getting Covid-19”

A. from

B. of

C. about

choose the correct word to match the definition:

A. spinning, unsteady

B. dizzy

C. vertigo

D. overcome

Choose the sentence with the error

A. I’ve already cleaned the house

B. I’ve finished doing all my homework

C. I have cooked lunch yet

Choose the correct option:

Which is the correct version of this sentence?

A. He’s made the be already

B. he’s already made the bed

C. He already has made the bed

Choose the correct option to complete the sentence:

Everyone is _____________ of something

A. fear

B. fears

C. frightened

D. phobic

1: A new car is worth more than an old car

2: An old car isn’t worth as _______________ a new car

A. much

B. as much as

C. much as

Choose the odd one out:

Which adverbial does not belong to the same category?

A. creatively

B. angrily

C. fortunately

Choose the correct option to complete the sentence:

People with aracnophobia can’t stand being in contact ______ spiders

A. of

B. to

C. with


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