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Prepositional Phrase Quiz


The cat with red necklace is my neighbor’s cat.

Which is the prepositional phrase?

A. The cat

B. My neighbor’s cat

C. With the red necklace

D. is my neighbor’s cat

Jack! Please make sure that you are come ___ time for English class.

A. in

B. on

Please buy the scarf with dots.

The phrase with dots is prepositional phrase as ….

A. Adverb of time

B. Adverb of place

C. Adjective

…., we are impressed with her performance

A. In general

B. In generally

C. On general

Before the war, Chris played football for Barnstoneworth United.

The phrase before the war is prepositional phrase as…

A. Adverb of Place

B. Adverb of time

C. Adjective

The best defense against the atomic bomb is not to be there when it goes off.

The prepositional phrase from the sentence above is …

A. The best defense

B. against the atomic bomb

C. not to be there

D. it goes off

Natasha think that the dog is ___ danger on that high roof.

A. in

B. on

I just met a girl with blue eyes.

“with blue eyes” is prepositional phrase as …

A. Adjective

B. Adverb of time

C. Adverb of place

There are lots of birds nesting ____ the eaves.

A. under

B. at

Indy was ___ London last year.

A. on

B. in

The lady in the white dress is impressed with her performance.

The word “in the white dress” is prepositional phrase as ….

A. Adjective

B. Adverb of time

C. Adverb of Place

She often goes to school ____ foot.

A. on

B. by

Abel wants to go to Japan ____ a change. He never been there.

A. for

B. at


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