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Present and Future Tenses Quiz


Henry ________. I wish she would shut up.

A. is constanly talking

B. constantly talks

C. has constanly talked

I ________ into the town center this afternoon, is there anything you want from the shops?

A. am going

B. will go

C. will have gone

That _______ like Dad’s car.

A. is sounding

B. has sound

C. sounds

I think John _______ the job. He has lots of experience.

A. get

B. will get

C. gets

D. will be getting

The freshman ________ to the meeting, we expect.

A. is going to come

B. will be coming

C. will come

Why ________ so silly today? You have never behaved like this before.

A. are you being

B. are you

C. has been

It ________ for a week now.

A. has been raining

B. is raining

C. rains

When the teacher gets off the plane, the students ________ for him.

A. will wait

B. will be waiting

C. are going to wait

By the time we get to Bavaria this evening, we ______ more than five hundred miles.

A. will have driven

B. will have been driving

C. will drive

My father never uses his phone if he _______ the car.

A. will drive

B. drives

C. is driving

Water _______ at 100 degrees Celsius.

A. is boiling

B. has boiled

C. boils

I can’t go until the babysitter _______.

A. arrives

B. will arrive

C. has arrived

Our boss ________ any holiday for ten years.

A. doesn’t have

B. hasn’t been having

C. hasn’t had

Nora came to Germany from France nearly two years ago. So on Tuesday, she _______ Germany for exactly two years.

A. has been to

B. has been in

C. has gone to

Where is Ann? I ________ her for the last hour.

A. have been calling

B. have called

C. am calling

What ________ now?

A. do they read

B. are they reading

C. have read

The Jones _______ ever since they got married.

A. have been quarrelling

B. are quarelling

C. have quarrelled

_________ their customers to the pub tonight?

A. Will they be bringing

B. Will they have brought

C. Do they bring

I _________ my anorak today because the wind is very strong.

A. wear

B. will be wearing

C. am wearing

If Sheila continues with her diet she ________ 7 kilos by the end of two months.

A. will have lost

B. will lose

C. is going to lose


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