Grammar Quiz

Present and Past Simple Passive Quiz


This problem ______by your brother yesterday

A. was solved

B. will be solved

C. is solved

D. solves

The photo _______________ in 1923.

A. is taken

B. was taken

C. was took

D. is took

Tea ____________ in India.

A. is grow

B. is grown

C. grow

D. are grown

French _____ in Greece.

A. isn’t spoken

B. doesn’t speak

C. aren’t spoken

D. isn’t spoke

This scarf … by my granny.

A. Made

B. Was made

C. To be made

D. Makes

English ____________________ (speak) in many countries.

A. is spoke

B. is speaked

C. are spoken

D. is spoken

Walls _______________ of brick.

A. are made

B. is made

C. are make

D. is make

The medals ___________________ to my grandfather.

A. was give

B. were gave

C. were given

D. was given

Their house was seriously _____ by the hurricaine.

A. damaged

B. injured

This city … by many people.

A. visited

B. Is visited

C. To be visited

D. Visits

When I’m away on holiday, my neighbour _______ my dog.

A. is fed

B. feed

C. feeds

D. is feed

My mum’s bike ______.

A. were stolen

B. was stolen

C. was stole

D. were stole

This programme ………. by millions of people every day.

A. was watched

B. is watch

C. is watched

D. were watch

Mirrors _______________ of glass.

A. is make

B. is made

C. are made

D. are make

The Eiffel tower ______ in 1887-1889.

A. was built

B. built

C. was build

D. is built

The mountain road ………. two days ago.

A. was close

B. is closed

C. was closed

D. are closed

This clock ________in 1750

A. is made

B. was made

C. is making

D. will be made

How often ____ you ____ your nails?

A. are cutted

B. are…cut

C. is…cut

D. do…cut

Luckily, no one was ______ injured in the accident.

A. damaged

B. injured

Our house … of wood.

A. Made

B. Are made

C. Is made

D. Makes

Rare animals … in many countries.

A. Are protected

B. Protected

C. Protect

D. To be protected


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